DIY ~ photo display

DIY- photo project

I am not a DIYer, well let me clarify.  I do DIY, but I do not do it well, nor do I enjoy it.  I’d rather be in the kitchen making 80 pies or a feast for 50 than painting walls, or refinishing furniture.  I have done both of those, I also have sewn quilts […]

thoughts on Happiness


Nothing makes my heart sing quite like the smiles of my children. When they flash me an honest to goodness “I’m happy” smile it melts my heart. We all just want our kiddos to be happy don’t we? Recently a good friend sent me an email that her daughter would be turning 13, and for […]

Hello, HAPPY New Year!

Ribbet collage7

Ahhhh! How are you?  I’m back at my desk.  Where does five weeks go?  I hope you’ve all been well.  How was your December?  Did you travel?  Did you try any new restaurants, see any movies, read any new books?  I need to know what you’ve been up to!! Here’s what I’ve been up to…… […]

Birthdays and Triple Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


This recipe is for my birthday boys, because they both love chocolate…lots of it! And cookies warm out of the oven.  Three layers of chocolate flavor, a smattering of coffee, and some oatmeal to make this momma feel like I’m giving my family something healthy! My birthday is Christmas Eve.  As lovely as that seems, […]

Cranberry Apple French Toast


There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of a delicious breakfast being prepared.  This make ahead french toast is beautiful and perfect addition to your holiday brunch table. Many thanks to the United Dairy Industry of Michigan  for sponsoring this recipe.  You won’t believe how wonderful your kitchen smells while you’re putting […]

Dee’s Hot Chocolate Mix & 100+ Homemade Gift Ideas!


In my opinion the best gifts are never the gifts that can be bought at a store.  I love more than anything a good ol’ homemade gift.  My mom was the queen of homemade gifts at Christmas.  She would crochet slippers, and scarves, mittens and blankets, she would paint pots, and crochet plant hangers (Remember […]

Swisslane Dairy Farms & Cuisinart Panini Press GIVEAWAY


A few weeks back on a gorgeous Autumn day I had the pleasure of taking a drive 45 minutes south-east of my home to Alto, Michigan!  I’d love to share with you what I discovered! I love nothing better than a drive through the countryside on a sunny Autumn day!   My destination this day […]

Bertolli ~ Italy is served! & $100 gift card GIVEAWAY


Nothing is more important for my husband and me than gathering our family together around the dinner table.  You know how much I love to cook, however, dinner time can be a challenge.   My husband’s busy schedule, three teens, and a tween means I need to get creative with how I actually make this […]

Strawberry Cake ~ redo


Ok I realize it’s already blueberry and cherry season, but I still have strawberry recipes to share daggummit!  So I hope you don’t mind if I stay in my strawberry fields forever safe place. Some may see this as a daunting task, I see it as a challenge!  I’m pickin’ the whole dern row if […]

Unbroken ~ Book Club

Untitled Image 2

Our latest book club read was Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand.  Perfect timing for the Memorial Day.  I had heard murmuring of this book for a while, so I was very excited to read it but I must admit I didn’t really know what it was […]

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