Peanut Butter Snack Cake

Peanut Butter Snack Cake

Getting my family around the table for dinner is usually not too terribly difficult, it’s the keeping them there longer than five minutes that’s tricky. Peanut Butter Snack Cake is worth hanging out at the table a little while longer for!! Recently someone asked me what the hardest part about family meal time is.  My […]

25 Perfect Meals for Sharing

25 Perfect Meals for Sharing

Hello there.  How are you?  I hope this finds you well.  It’s been hard to write the last ten days or so.  How can I write in my usually goofy manner when so many in my community are hurting.  I’m not feeling myself.   This past two weeks have been hard, and to be honest […]

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes


  Ummmm…. YUM. OOOO delicious, tastEEEE……nom, nom, nommy! Everyone who partook of these tasty morsels uttered Yuuummmmm-oooo-deeeelishOUS, what can I say other than these cupcakes are delicious!  And YES yummy.  The next time it’s your turn to bring a treat somewhere, these cupcakes are the money.  You will make friends and influence people with these […]

Creamy Queso Fundido


Who’s your team?  The Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos?  We are a house divided.  Ken is rooting for the Broncos for all the technical and statistical reasons, and I’m rooting for the Seahawks because I like their uniforms, they are from a town that has all sorts of good food, they have a really […]

Dee’s Hot Chocolate Mix & 100+ Homemade Gift Ideas!


In my opinion the best gifts are never the gifts that can be bought at a store.  I love more than anything a good ol’ homemade gift.  My mom was the queen of homemade gifts at Christmas.  She would crochet slippers, and scarves, mittens and blankets, she would paint pots, and crochet plant hangers (Remember […]

Italian Lemon Roast Chicken Pot


Nothing is more fun for me than surprising a friend!  Or more nerve wracking!!!  I can’t believe this day arrived without me letting this surprise slip past my big fat lips. SURPRISE Liz!! It’s a baby shower just for you! So what am I bringing to the party table?  Well something healthy that includes lemon […]

Blueberry Peach Crisp


It’s peak season for blueberries and peaches and I cannot get enough of them!  Crisp is just one way that I love to use the fruits that are currently in season.  I could eat crisp everyday. I love it for dessert, with vanilla ice cream melting into all the fruity crevices. I love it cold […]

Dinner Dilemma ~ Tamale Pie


If I could give one DINNER DILEMMA tip it would be this: Learn to improvise on recipes. I think most people look at a recipe and see the specific ingredients and say oh I don’t have that, er um nope don’t have that either.  Take a closer look at the recipe and see how you […]

Rosemary Crostinis


I’m a firm believer that the best things in life are simple…. Or the simplest things in life are the best… or vice verse or hither and yon.     Rosemary Crostinis fall in to that simply the best category.  Easy. Simple. Delicious. polka dot period!     I usually over buy when it comes […]

Cowboy Caviar


Meals 4 Sharing is back!!!  If you are new to Eat2gather you may not remember that every Friday I used to do a Meals4Sharing linkup. What is Meals 4 Sharing? 1. M4S is a place to  where you can share in the comments about a recipe or a meal that you have made for those […]

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