DIY ~ photo display

DIY- photo project

I am not a DIYer, well let me clarify.  I do DIY, but I do not do it well, nor do I enjoy it.  I’d rather be in the kitchen making 80 pies or a feast for 50 than painting walls, or refinishing furniture.  I have done both of those, I also have sewn quilts […]

Chicken Fajitas (for a crowd)

Chicken Fajitas (for a crowd)

When we travel I like to eat out, but honestly it gets to be a bit much especially when traveling with a crowd, so usually I will cook half of the meals in and the other half we will eat out.  Vacation meals are never fussy.  A protein, veggie, maybe a salad and bread….always bread. […]

Want to sneak a peak in my fridge?

10 things in my Fridge

I love seeing what others have in their refrigerators.  There used to be a column in the Rachel Ray magazine that featured a different celebrities refrigerator every month.  I would always go straight to the back to see who it was and what they had in their fridge.  You can tell quite a bit about […]

Book Club ~ what we’ve been reading


Read any great books lately?  I was hoping to get more reading done this winter than I have.  My list of “want to read” keeps getting longer, and the pile of books beside my bed keeps getting bigger.  Gives me something to look forward to I guess….how awful would it be if you couldn’t’ find […]

25 Perfect Meals for Sharing

25 Perfect Meals for Sharing

Hello there.  How are you?  I hope this finds you well.  It’s been hard to write the last ten days or so.  How can I write in my usually goofy manner when so many in my community are hurting.  I’m not feeling myself.   This past two weeks have been hard, and to be honest […]

No Kid Hungry #sharemyplate


  I came across this while thumbing through my Instagram feed yesterday,  I just had to share it with you.  The fact that there are children, within a stones throw of me and my family, that don’t spend time around the dinner table with others simply because there’s nothing for them to eat is devastating […]

thoughts on Happiness


Nothing makes my heart sing quite like the smiles of my children. When they flash me an honest to goodness “I’m happy” smile it melts my heart. We all just want our kiddos to be happy don’t we? Recently a good friend sent me an email that her daughter would be turning 13, and for […]

Hello, HAPPY New Year!

Ribbet collage7

Ahhhh! How are you?  I’m back at my desk.  Where does five weeks go?  I hope you’ve all been well.  How was your December?  Did you travel?  Did you try any new restaurants, see any movies, read any new books?  I need to know what you’ve been up to!! Here’s what I’ve been up to…… […]

Sea Salt Pretzel Toffee


Are you sitting down?   Because this recipe  is serious.  Seriously addicting that is!!  Sea Salt Pretzel Toffee is easily the most intensely addicting treat you will make ever, and you won’t believe how easy it is! This treat is great to have on hand for surprise guest to nibble on or box it up […]

See you next year….

Hello, How are you? Are you getting ready for the Christmas Season? I hope you have skads of parties and fun things planned with loved ones!!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you stuffed to the gills from a weekend of celebrating?  I’m still in a quasi food coma.  Thank.  You. I wanted to let you […]

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