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I can’t decide!

I have a confession to make.  I have bare walls.  Many bare walls.  We have lived in this house for 12 years and there is still so much to do.  I don’t really enjoy decorating.  It’s not my thang.  I can never decide I hmmm and haw, hmmm and haw.  I’m pathetic.

This is Karin…

She’s so purdy, don’t you think?!   My friend Karin just so happens to be a painter.  Like a real life artist.  Like art in galleries in other parts of the country type gal.  I am so blessed to have three of her pieces already in my home.  I recently asked her if I could come over and see what she had because I wanted something new on my mantle.  She said come on over!  So I did and of course I couldn’t pick one, so many that I loved.  Eventually, because she knows me (and she needed to get on with her life and needed me to quit camping out in her home gallery) she suggested that she let me take a few home with me that she thought would work in my home and I could stare at them for a couple days.  Oh and you have to watch this video!

I STILL CAN’T DECIDE!!  And my husband is no help.  He really has no opinions on home decor.  I know… for that I should be thankful…and really I am.

So anyway…..

I thought maybe you could give me some help.

Tell me what you think.

Which painting do you like best?  Which painting do you like best in my home.  Please ignore my mess…I just snapped pics on my iphone/camera, no staging goin’ on here.  Ain’t nobody got time ferdat!



Up close.




I really like the bright greens in the tops of the trees in this one, Ken said he didn’t like that bright green color.


Exhibit 3~ I don’t have a picture of it on my mantle for you sorry.


Exhibit 4


Up close of 4….for what it’s worth Ken said if he had to pick one it would be this one.  Like if I had a gun to his head…..

Whatcha think?

Exhibit 5.


I really love this painting.  I’m just not sure I like it in this spot.  Ok and Mr. Noopinionondecor said he doesn’t want a giant pear on the mantle……did I say earlier he really didn’t care, that he had no opinions….

I’m retracting that.


But here maybe?  On the kitchen side of the family room.

Ok, any thoughts?  I’m wondering what you think.

Thanks for your help!

xoxoxo, Sheila

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, love the pear in the kitchen!!! Keep it there! And my vote is for the trees on the mantle. I watched her video of painting from an upside down perspective. I liked it! And I liked that painting….. down a country road with the daffodils all pretty and blooming! Like spring, like now!

    And yes, be thankful your Kenny doesn’t get involved in the decorating:)

    1. Thanks Lisa! Wasn’t that video fun to watch?! Thanks for your opinion…much appreciated and needed ; )

  2. I would choose 1 or 4. Both are nice. The green on the tops of the trees is beautiful. It is the sun shining on them I think. The pear painting would go in dinning room if you like it.
    I would pick the trees if I had my choice for my own home. Which is “early salvation army”. Haha
    Or may thrift store decor, who knows.
    Karin isn’t your sister, right???

    1. Right…Karin is a very good friend. After rereading my first paragraph I could see how people thought she was…so I took out my ramblings about my sister who does love to decorate and is very good at it. Thanks for your insight! xoxox I ‘ll let you know what I decide.

  3. I Love the birch/aspen trees for the mantel. It is my favorite of all. Why don’t you let Karin bring the paintings AND decide where they could go??

  4. Love #2 on over the mantel with some tall chunky candles sticks/ brown candles and the pear in the kitchen area!! they are beautiful paintings. Your sister rocks!!! Love love love the pear!!!
    Would be fun to find a pear bookend for your recipe books somewhere in your kitchen to pull the pear in a bit . . . sorry I love to decorate and your sister paintings are beautiful!!

    1. Oooo yes tall chunky candle sticks would be good ; ). I could be opening up a can of worms here right?! Thanks, your input is appreciated! xxoxo

  5. What beautiful pictures!!! Your seestor does great work. 🙂 I love the pear painting and think it would be fabulous in your dining room. For the mantel they are all lovely but I really like #4. But that’s just my opinion!!

  6. Love the trees and love the pear. Trees on the mantel – pears in the kitchen or dining area.
    Those are my 2 cents – or whatever they’re worth! 😉
    Can’t wait to see ya’! XXOO