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Pilgrims 2015 a year in review

Pilgrims 2015 year in review“Joyous Thanksgiving to you Ma.  Blessings and cheer to this year 2015?”.

“And to you Pa..much cheer!  My my tis been quite a year for the family Pa.  Wouldest you agree?”

“Hear Ye Hear Ye Ma, tis such a year to report of.”

” Pa tis certain, we had our portion of adventure this year past!”

“Remembereth the Christmas past, Ma?”

Pilgrim 2015 in reviewTwas quite a special night Pa. As we watched over the household perched high atop the tannenbaum made by the hands of mensch.

A beholden site Ma.

Pilgrim 2015 in review

The climate remindeth me of our first winter in the new world,  what thickest du Pa?

Yes, it twas harsh and blustery.  The girl and her Ma made many a trip to the land across the vast fresh water sea so she could jump about in the great hall, with many fine young ladies in there underwear to swat at bouncing spheres.  It was site like no other, wouldn’t you say Ma?

Surely it was Pa.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

The children spent many a long hour in the learning institution.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Oh Pa, but the trip with the Pa and his son to the Isle of the British was surely a much needed escape from the harsh climate, and the long days in the learning institution, the tallest of the mensch.

Yes Ma, twas quite the respite we needed, although I nearly soiled my breeches on the boat to the small isle.  It brought back many memories of our voyage to the new world Ma.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Twas a consternation to return again to the great fresh sea and find it still be in a Siberian state!

You speaketh the truth Pa.  I was so enraptured by the beauty that I nearly froze my petticoats off, and you your brogan! Ieee!


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

I did thanketh the good Lord above for a break from leaping to assemble together in the great moving box with wheels.

Yes Ma, I agree.  It was quite an adventure….


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Dost thou rememberest how I nearly sank to the briney bottom?  My pepper holes started taking on water, and I thought I was surely going to meet the great pepper Shaker in the sky.

Ja, for sure Pa.  The kind boy gave you a friendly flick with his foot and saved you from a briny death.  Me shuddereth Pa, to think….Oh Pa I cannot speaketh of how close we came do dire misfortune.  Snif sniff snerp.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Ah yes, when the sisters huggeth all is right in the world Ma.  The voyage to the warmer climates was what the family needed.

You speaketh truth, Pa.



Remember when we stole away with the Ma to her literary club.  So much reading this women does, always a book in her face, and the women such a chatter.  My head was spinning Pa.

Yes, Ma they are quite a unruly bookish flock.

What do they call themselves Pa?



No Bucks….as in great antlered beast, Ma.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Finally the snow melteth, and the amusement beganst with the children.

Pa, truly the time we visited the littlest in her mesh cage was quite an exciting day.  She has quite the time with he netted stick, dancing and tossing it about!

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

But the middle boy, Pa!  The running and the jumping.  Me thinkst these children are part frog.   The boy and the tall girl are always catapulting themselves hither and yon.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review


Ahhh but Ma twas but a melancholy day whenst the tall one and his companions donned the cardinal colored vestments.

Yes, Pa pained me to see the Ma weeping so.  Many a year hath she these young men at her table, they have not returned since.  Where hast they gone?

Pa?  Where hast they gone?  Now me waileth…..Waaaaah where hast the young mensch gone?

Pilgrim 2015 year in reviewThere, there Ma.  I did hear rumor of them traveling hither and yon to great learning institutions across the colonies.

States Pa.


They are called states now Pa, and there are 50 of them.

Well, the Ma didst drown her sorrows in berry picking.  She is a superior berry picker, wouldst you agree Ma?

Truly Pa, and eater.  That women can, as they say, put down the berries.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Jaque.  Jack the hairy beast  He likes companionship, Pa.  Such a beggared hairy creature.  Remember Thanksgivings past when we were left alone with the creature?   Me shuddereth Pa!!  Shuddereth!  To think what would have become of us had he not come to our rescue.

Truly Ma.  The hairy beast did his best to get us to stay behind with him, remember Ma?  Whenst he see-eth the voyage trunks, he slips into a saddened state.  We nearly missed our sky voyage, Ma.

Oh Pa, I still feel bad about leaving him behind.  Ye poor Jackyhoundlein.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

We arrived at the eleventh hour Ma.

I say tho Pa, twas not a ride I’d likely taketh again.  The great iron winged bird was in such a hurry.

Twas well worth it Ma, Harry Potter dost awaiteth our presence.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Pa, twas quite a world of wizardry.   Huzzah! with the butter brew, and the great ovenly heat!  Pray remembereth Ma whenst I lost you on Diagon Alley ?

OH Pa!  Twas merry, it did nearly ruinate the day.  Prithee forgiveth your lovely maiden, Pa?

Ah Ma!  I dost love your feist…and how thy petticoats didst fly whensth the flaming flying beast did return you to mee side.

Twas surely a joyous holiday with the kin folk. Pa.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Ie, Ye summer solstice bought much jesting and rollicking.  And picture watching in the great field o carriages.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Oh ye Pa my favorite was frolicking with the maddles in ze swinging trundles.

Yee Ma the swinging trundles were thee height of amusements.


Pilgrims 2015 year in review
Twas due time we made the trip to the great norther regions to accompany the kin to there beloved Portage Lake Bible Camp.  Kin Camp.

Twas heavenly Pa!

Twas high adventure Ma.  I made my first round at the hight ropes. I belayedth to my hearts content.

Ja surely you didst Pa.  I kept mee petticoats firmly planted on the good earth!

Twas a merry time for the kin to come together.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Remembereth the middler two took the trip to the great isle O York to be of service to the peoples of the isle?

Yes, Pa. I wish we could have joined the cavalcade, the great JZ would not alloweth with not a signed permission paper from the ancestors.

No more hast the two returneth than did the tall one, load his rucksack with his belongings.  Ma?

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Ma?  weepst du?

OH Pa, twas a strange and wonderful day whenst the young mensch loadeth his many moccasins and traveled to the land called Youand M.

snerp snerftt

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

And just like that Pa, the youngin is on his own in the new world.  In this land with M’s everywhere.  Ze land O blau M’s Pa, twas a mysterious and bustling village.

Tis true Ma.  Hear tell he ist cherishing his moments there.  I heard the Ma say that the young mensch spreadeth his vast wings, and cometh forth from thy shell.

Oh Pa! tis wunderbar!

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Twas celebratory year for the Pa, hear tell it has been 50 years since he came forth unto this earth, Pa.

HUzzah!  Ma!

His dieing wish for his ancienst of celebrations was to travel to the Port of Detroit and watch wild beasts called tigers, and drink grog.

Twas a strange and vunderful place, but I was astonished, there was nither a tiger in site Ma!

Twas strange indeed Pa, mensch in tight garments, with sticks and spheres, many menschen drinking grog and shouting.  Twas not how I would choose to spend mee last days, Pa.

Ie Ma, Ieee.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Summer solstice came and went,  Ma and whenst came the days  of the young boy with his swinging paddle.

Ma rememereth whenst du nearly lost your petticoats to the swinging paddle!!

Oh Pa! Twas surely another adventure!

Pilgrims 2015No Pa!!  Truly a mensch hast seen no adventure till das mensch hast seen the leaping girl in her underwear swatting at spheres.

Surely Ma tis site beholden to mee.


Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Then twere the day whenst the children donned their fanciest breeches, and petticoats  to attendeth homecoming, but twas not at there home.

Twas raucous Pa, but I too twer confused why they left home for a homecoming.

Pains my noggin, Ma.

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Powder puff, also a strange tradition.  Girls dressing like boys.  No powder or puffs in site.

Yes, howeverst the game of flying spheres and ribbons being ripped from the breeches of fine young fraulein was quite a fracas!! Wouldnt you agree Pa?

Pilgrim 2015 year in review

Twas surely a year with much to be thankful for.

Tis true Pa, tis true!

Heres to another year in this strange and wonderful haus Ma!

Cheers Pa!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Many blessings to you and your kin!






special note: photoshopping creds  go to my Cece who is a whiz when it come s to all things creative!! Thanks kiddo!

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