Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs ~ big batch for freezing

I love having meals in my freezer, that I can take out and pop in the oven for days that I don’t have time  to make a meal.  I often will make two of a meal when I am making one that freezes well, and pop the second in the freezer for busy days. Keeping […]

Roasted Vegetable Hash

Roasted Vegi Hash with a fried egg on top.

Ok I’m going to make this short and sweet. I’m starving, and I want roasted vegi hash for lunch!  If only I had some leftover roasted root vegetables this is what I would have… Note to self: Always keep roasted root vegetables on hand for when you need a scrumptious lunch.  (Which is like everyday. […]

Salsa Verde Mac-n-Cheese (two ways)


I gave this creamy macaroni and cheese a spicy spin by adding salsa verde to the cheese sauce.   Layer Salsa Verde Mac-n-Cheese with taco meat and sweet corn for a spicy Tex-Mex spin on shepherds pie! This dish is pure comfort food.  I love cheese.  I love Mexican food.  Cheesy Mexican food, yes please […]

4 Tips to Make Dinner Happen


I am very honored to have my good friend Rachel here today to help us with the ever present Dinner Dilemma!  I am the first to admit I don’t have all the answers when it comes to how to make dinner happen on a nightly basis around our home, thankfully I know some people who […]

Compound & Clarified Butter


Clarified and Compound butter are not recipes as much as they are concepts on how to make butter more versatile and delicious!  Learning to use these simple methods of infusing butter with a variety of flavors will revolutionize how you cook! Thanks to the United Dairy Industry of Michigan for sponsoring this post. Last Spring […]

Farm Market Pasta Salad


This salad is the perfect salad for celebrating the best of the harvest.  It uses vegetables fresh from the farmers market, roasted  and tossed with orecchietta pasta and basil drizzled with a fresh lemon balsamic vinaigrette.  This pasta salad is versatile and pairs well with any meal, or it can be a meal all on its […]



Do you cook with leeks?  I love leeks but I have to admit I choose onions over them more often than not because I’m afraid of all the dirt and grit that needs to be cleaned out before I can use them.  This is a bummer because so often leeks are the better choice for […]

Traditional Fondue & WINNER of the Fondue Party GIVEAWAY announced!


#92 Tina Segard is the winner of the Trudeau Stoneware 10 piece Fondue Set from the BigKitchen store and the $25 Visa Gift Card from Eat2gather!!!   Contact me via email and we will get you your prizes ASAP! I promised you my Traditional Cheese Fondue Recipe and a few other fondue tricks and tips.  Fondue […]

Roasting Tomatoes


Roasting tomatoes is one of the quickest, easiest, and most flavorful ways to cook tomatoes.  Up north our tomato season is once a year, and too short for my liking, so preserving my maters is essential to sustaining life….well maybe that’s exaggerating a little….but well you get my drift! I think I’ve told you that […]

More than one way to skin a Peach!


There is more than one way to skin a peach ya know! Peaches are weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet, slightly citrus taste of a warm ripe peach. But it’s the skin, the caterpillar like fuzz. Gives my spine a tingle, and my lips get all quivery and heebie jeebyish when they […]

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