Easy Chicken Pie

Need a super easy recipe?  Need a meal that your whole family will love?  A recipe that will use up some of that leftover turkey you are no doubtedly going to have a week from now?  I gotcha covered!! When I saw Trisha Yearwood make this on her food network show I thought that seems […]

Cheese Buds

Cheesy, salty, tender bites of melt in your mouth goodness.  These cute little cheesy buttons make a great nibble for your holiday party.   Cheese Buds also make the perfect homemade holiday gift!  Who said Christmas cookies had to be sweet?  How about a cookie of the savory sort?  Growing up my mom and us […]

Caramel Apple Squares

Caramel and Apples go together like popcorn and a movie!  They are fine alone but together they are perfect and comforting (and your fingers get messy too).  Caramel Apple Squares are wonderful to share, bake a pan and take a warm plate of these squares to your neighbors. Mmmm MMm mmm mmmmMM!  Excuse me a […]

Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

  Oh you need to make this easy decadent treat for the chocolate lover in your life!  Its you?  You’re the chocolate lover in your life?  Well then get to it!  Make yourself a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino STAT!   I have a confession.  This is not my recipe.  It’s my sons.  He loves the […]

Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet

Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet is a one pan meal that comes together in a matter of minutes.  Your family will love it and you will love getting your family around the table!   They’re here…..and I’m not talking about aliens from outer space, I’m talking about the Holidays!!  They are upon us.  Thanksgiving, then […]

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

Disclaimer: I tried to stay away from posting anything pumpkin this fall, because well pumpkin is a bit over done. Dontcha think?  I love pumpkin just as much as the next person, probably more.  I apologize if you have been pumpkined to death.  I just had tah.  I couldn’t stop myself.  This cake is that […]

Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Bars

Everyone goes through different stages in their life.  High school, college, single, dink (dual income no kids), diaper years, whatever it may be at this moment in time I can bet, you are going through some sort of stage in your life.  Or phase.  You can call it a phase if you like.  The definition […]

BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Quesadilla Pizzas

Azteca Prize Winner is number 32 Jeffrey! Jeffrey : October 15, 2015 at 9:07 pm • Edit I create a meal plan at the beginning of the week and if I know a dinner will take longer to make than we have because of sport or other commitments I make what I can ahead of time. I am […]

Tortilla Soup

I hesitated to share this recipe, because I think there are like 3.8568 bazillion recipes on the world wide web for tortilla soup, but then I thought I bet they’re not as easy and yummy as mine!! Ha!  This soup can be made and eaten right away, or sometimes I make it and throw it […]

Creamy Marinara and pasta

Creamy Marinara with pasta is a 20 minute goto meal that my family always loves!  Add a salad and garlic toast and you’ve got yourself the perfect meal.  I love this meal because it’s quick, easy, and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand, and its one of my kiddos favorites! Creamy Marinara […]

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