Wet Burritos – Grandma Beatty’s Red Sauce Recipe

Craving a restaurant style wet burrito?  Smothered in smooth, spicy red sauce and mountains of melted cheese??  Me too!  Always!Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeMy grandma Beatty, (who was actually biologically my great aunt, but that’s a story for another day, families are fun aren’t they?!) was quite a lady.  She was the epitome of sassy, right up to her very last days she was putting people in their place and speaking her mind.  One thing I have in common with Grandma Beatty other than the occasional sassy episode was that she loved feeding people, and she loved Mexican food!  When she made wet burritos she would always let us know, and insist we come over.  She was hard to say no to.  And well, saying no to one of these burritos is basically just loco, so there you go!

Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeThis recipe makes a lot, so you sort of want to either plan on freezing some of it, or having a wet burrito party.  The sauce can be made ahead of time and reheated, as well as the meat, and all the toppings can be prepped ahead too.  So it’s basically the perfect party food!  Add some chips, pico de gallo, guacamole and you are basically the best party thrower everah!


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeI’ve made a few adjustments over the years, I think when grandma gave me the recipe she was reciting it from memory so this recipe card isn’t what you want to follow, follow the printable version below. As you can see I’ve penned in a few adjustments.


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeStart with flour and shortening whisk together in a large path until crumbly and starting to brown, then add in 4 cups of beef stock until smooth and thick.


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeNext add in the mole and all the remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth, if it seems too thick just add more water 1/2 cup at a time.  Once sauce is smooth from a vigorous whisking, turn your heat down as  low as it will go, cover pot, and simmer for 1 hour, occasionally stirring to make sure sauce isn’t burning on to the bottom of the pan.


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeSauce should slowly drip off spoon, not run.  This is more like a gravy or thick spaghetti sauce consistency.


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeWell isn’t that a lovely photo?  Meat is hard to make look pretty in a picture, then add beans, and a brownish red sauce and well……lets move on.

The meat is easy.


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeGather all your ingredients, flour tortillas, meat, sauce, cheese, and any other toppings or add ons you like and start the assembly line!


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeI like to make each burrito to order.

Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeCover with sauce and cheese and melt in the microwave.


Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeI let my peeps top with their favorite toppings, and now sink your fork into that bad boy!!  Sooo good, makes me want to sing.  But I won’t because that would totally ruin everybody’s appetite.

Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeHowever I don’t always have time for all the special order stuff, so then I make the burritos smaller (more like enchiladas) lay them in a baking dish smother them with sauce and cheese and bake them.  Voila!  Good both ways!

So below is Grandma Beattys Burrito recipe, I’m entrusting it to you.  It’s near and dear to my heart so treat it well, love your peeps with it, and in remembrance of Grandma Beatty get a little sassy while your cooking it, let your inner Beatty free!  Say it like it is, no holds bar, get down with your badself!  You know these burritos are good, because we (the family) despite grandma being a bit of a pill, all came running when she called and said she was making wet burritos.  LOL.  She loved us.  Her words may not have shown it, but her food did!  She also made Kens favorite peanut butter pie. I do miss her.

Wet Burritos - Grandma Beatty's Red Sauce RecipeOh one more thing I should tell you, especially if you are from Grand Rapids, is that Grandma claimed this to be the secret wet burrito recipe from the Beltline Bar, so if you are a fan of the Beltline Bar burritos well then guess what?  Today is your lucky day!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


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