Tina’s Caramel Apple Crunch Pie

What do you do with a sink full of apples? Well you make pies of course!

This recipe for apple pie is not just any ol’ apple pie recipe. This pie is nothing short of life changing, and I mean this in the most sincerest sense of the phrase. I know quite often this phrase is thrown around a little too liberally. But today, I say this for reals. Tina’s Caramel Apple Crunch Pie is seriously life changing. This is the kind of pie that calls to you as you attempt to fall asleep, it beckons you to sneak out to the kitchen in the middle of the night and shave just one more sliver off, because until you do so there is no way you are going to be able to rest. AND then if that’s not enough!   As soon as you wake,  you slap your feet over the edge of the bed and shuffle out to the kitchen salivating as you cut yourself a real piece of pie, not just a sliver, but a generous slice of pie to be had for breakfast.  Then you stand there in front of the coffee pot eating your generous slab-O-pie, as the coffee pot puffs, crackles and spits your coffee into the pot, and hoping not be caught by one said spouse.

Not that I have done any of the above.

I’m just saying…….that this pie is so especially tasty, I could see how somebody might go to these extremes.

You know the type.

Pie freak types.

There it is calling you like a Siren from the sea….only it’s the Caramel Apple Crunch Pie in the kitchen.  And it’s gonna pull you down, down, down until your stretchy pants are the only pants that fit!

Ironically enough my friend Tina, who I work out with at the Y three times a week, gave me this recipe.  She is actually quite famous for this pie.  So I am very grateful that she shared the much coveted recipe with me so I could in turn share it with you.  But that’s the kinda gal Tina is!  Or maybe she was just delirious from the spin class we had just finished when I ask her and she didn’t realize what she was giving away.

“Hey you mind if I put your apple pie on my blog?  But maybe Tina in her delirium heard this…

Hey my ape thighs feel like blobs and yours? “Sure”, she said.

I know it was a risk…even possibly a dirty rotten trick, but hey timing is everything and I got you the recipe didn’t I?!  So here it is.  The best dam apple pie you will ever eat!

Mix 3 tablespoons Flour, 1/2 teaspoon Salt, 1/2 cup Sugar, and 3/4 teaspoon Cinnamon together in a dish.


Core, peel, and slice 6 large Northern Spy Apples or 8-10 medium apples of a tart variety.  Pour the sugar and flour mixture over apples.


Give them a good toss to completely coat apples with mixture.  Set aside.


In a medium bowl combine 1 cup Brown Sugar, 1/2 cup Butter,  1/2 cup Flour, and 1/2 cup Oats cut together with a pastry blender.  Set aside.


Prepare the crusts.  You can use store bought or if you would like mine you can go here.


Lay bottom crust into a deep dish baking stone, and fill with apple mixuture.  ( A regular 10″ pie dish will also work, you will just need to cut down on the amount of apples by 1 or 2.)


Now pour the brown sugar crumble over apples and pat it down firmly.


Hold on if you think you’re done you’re not…


roll the top crust out and lay it over all the goodies.  Crimp edges inward.

Cut slits in top crust.  Now pop this in your oven, that has been preheated to 375 degrees, for 50-55 minutes or until golden brown.  Mine took about 65 minutes.

Now this is where things get really crazy.

Take 1/3-1/2 cup Caramel Ice Cream Topping and drizzle it all over the top of the hot pie.  Heavens to Betsy…help me Hannah!  Never mind every cupboard door is open in the kitchen…who has time for cupboard door closing when there’s caramel to be drizzled!

Now be patient.  Let it rest for at least thirty minutes before cutting.  But when you do…

you better have the ice cream handy, and a fork too.  That is unless you are the type to drop your face down into your pie.




I hope you agree that this pie is nothing short of life changing.

Yours Truly,
The Pie Freak

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  1. 1

    Holy cow – I’ve never seen a pie that had a crumb topping AND a pie crust top! My hubby would looooove this!
    The Italian Dish recently posted..You Will Make Homemade One-Minute Pie Dough. And Raspberry Pie.My Profile

  2. 2
    Tina :

    Okay… you crack me up!!! I was laughing out loud reading that!!!

  3. 3
    krista :

    Heaven’s to betsy! Are you kidding me – I may have to wait on this until next weekend, when I am running in The Race for the Cure and will earn to eat a crumb off of it :o).

  4. 4

    Are you kidding me? YUM!!! This looks amazing. I’m heading to the gym this morning and am thinking I’ll head to the store on the way home to get the ingredients. 🙂 I run & workout to eat!

    Seriously, this looks SO good! And your crust looks fabulous. If I make the coffee, we gotta get together so I can learn how you do it. 🙂
    Kim ~ Recipes To Run On recently posted..Fiesta RiceMy Profile

  5. 5
    Sheila :

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. Love that the instruction comes with photos. Perfect for visual folks like me.
    Sheila recently posted..CNA CoursesMy Profile

  6. 6

    This looks amazing!!! Glad you were able to snatch the recipe….
    Carrie Minns recently posted..Double Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies – When the Dark Chocolate Bar Won’t DoMy Profile

  7. 7
    Amanda :

    You are right… this absolutely looks like changing! 🙂

  8. 8

    Well it certainly looks and sounds life-changing! I might have to put this one on my Thanksgiving menu this year- it looks far too good to pass up!
    Kathryn recently posted..Number 18: Fruit wine made from something other than grapesMy Profile

  9. 9

    Wow, this looks incredible!!
    Glory/ Glorious Treats recently posted..Pumpkin Pecan Dessert {in a jar}My Profile

  10. 10
    Jaden :

    Oh my goodness – that pie! I don’t bake much (okay, I don’t bake at all) — I wish you lived next door!

    • 10.1
      Sheila :

      I wish you lived next door too! What a blast that would be. I could have brought you a pie after your surgery. Hope your healing fast!

  11. 11
    Dave Barbachyn :

    Hi Sheila! After hearing about this pie, I had to find your blog and print it out! I have loved looking through your blog, and I’m sure I’ll be back to find more yummy ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  12. 12
    Paula :

    My caramel apple crumble topping loving heart may not be able to take this but we are going to give it a good run for the money! What a gorgeous pie.
    Paula recently posted..Toasted Chopped Pecan and Dulce de Leche PieMy Profile

  13. 13
    Carrie :

    Oh man. Not sure you could be any more awesome! This looks insane!!
    Carrie recently posted..LOVE the PIE…Apple Pie with homemade Filo CrustMy Profile

  14. 14

    Holy cow – you are so right! That is one good looking pie (and Ape Thighs… lol)

    • 14.1
      Sheila :

      Bahaha…I had to go back and re read…..I was like “ape thighs” what’s she talking about. Yeh seriously though…you need to make me those cinnamon rolls and I’ll make you this pie and we can trade, or go halfsies ; D xoxoxo

  15. 15
    karen :

    we made it for our annual thanksgiving pie swap and it was a big hit — thanks for the recipe!

    (we couldn’t find the apples you used here, so we got a combination of three applies–granny smith, gala, and fuji)


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