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Meals 4 Sharing Fridays

Hello and welcome to Eat 2gather!  A place where food, family and fun find their way into just about every nook and cranny.  If you’ve been around here for a while you know that I have a passion for loving others through the gift of food.   I firmly believe that food feeds the soul.  It comforts and sooths.  Food brings people together, and by loving others with the gift of food, a very basic need is provided.   Nourishment.

Nourish.  I looked it up in my handy dandy dictionary.

Nourish [nur-ish] to feed, to care for.
synonyms (this is my favorite part) cherish, comfort, cultivate, encourage, support, attend to

Well that about sums it up right there!!!! Those words make my heart sing.  When you take the time to make someone food, it can be comforting to them; it can show them how much you cherish them; it cultivates your relationship; encourages; by attending to a very basic need, the need to eat, you are supporting them.

In October I joined in with other bloggers in the 31 days series. My topic was Meals 4 Sharing ~ loving others through the gift of food. What I  realized was not only do I have alot to share about this topic but you have alot to share too! Many of you shared with me amazing stories of how you have loved on others and how others have loved on you with the gift of food.  Most days I was blubberin’ and snotting all over my computer while reading your comments.  I’m such a sap.

So, I thought it only fitting that every week we have a little linky LOVE around here.  Every Friday a new post will go up on the topic of Meals 4 Sharing, then anyone can link up a blog post that speaks to the idea of “nourishing” others in someway.  Don’t have a blog? Well, that’s what the comments are for!  No comment is too long. Go ahead share your story or write in a favorite recipe that you love to make for others in the comments.

More than anything, I would love for Eat 2gather to become an amazing resource for finding new and unique ways of serving others,  as well as many delicious and easy recipes for making and sharing!

Do you have a blog?  Do you have a heart for Meal Sharing? Come back this Friday and link-up! Grab the above blog button and place it in somewhere in your post, or if you like you can share it permanently on your sidebar.  It doesn’t have to be a new post, it can be from way back when.

Ok, so if I don’t see you before Friday, I’ll meet ya’ll right back here Friday for the very first Meals 4 Sharing Link-UP!!!

Luv ya,



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  1. Hi Friend! What a great idea. I have always lacked in this department. Never planning/preparing when I know it could’ve been a blessing to someone. However, this is one of the things I’ve changed for ’12…. and have already made two meals for families. What a joy! Can’t wait for this series!!! Looking forward to all the great ideas your readers will share so we can all help one another bless those around us. I’ll look forward to linking up!