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We just got home from camping and I went to toss some papers and about up-chucked.

I guess it takes being away for a few days to notice da-funk in your home. The nasty things that maybe go unnoticed when your family has been going break neck spead for a few months. Or maybe while we were away the funk monster decided to grody-out our home.

This is our kitchen garbage.
You are witnessing the clean version.
What I witnessed was a chunk spattered drawer that smelled like, like well…..
one can only say it smelled yucky!
I am a bit of a neat freak. Until about a year ago, my kids would clear the table but I was the one that finished the work, scraping the plates and rinsing them. I finally decided I needed to “let it go”, and had them start clearing, scraping, and putting them in the dishwasher. They needed to learn to do it at some point right? Right? Right!
I have learned that when I “let things go” from my control freak clutches….there is always more work to do down the path. Apparently, I need to give my kiddos a lesson in scraping the food into the garbage bag and not into the drawer, and surrounding area.
It’s clean now. Crystal clean. And for now, I think I will just keep my mouth shut. I mean really it’s just a little funky food right? It only took me 20 minutes to clean up. Probably way less time than it would have taken me to scrape, rinse and stack all those dishes in the dishwasher, over the past year.
See now I feel better. I just needed to hash this out with ya’ll. My friends…..
Thanks for listening.
I luv Ya,
and OH yeah….in case you want to get some great cooking tips, since I have been a lay-MO in the kitchen lately then you should check out his post from P-dubs friend Pastor Ryan, I found it quite delightful.
OK, bu-bye

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  1. I feel better now that I'm not the only one who didn't let their kids clean up the kitchen because of the after effects. Now that they are all grown I welcome their help, as long as they hit the garbage can.