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keepin’ it REAL- I could get it refinished……

We have had this kitchen table for fourteen years. At first glance it looks like it has stood the test of time and the wear and tear of a family of six. Let’s look a little closer….

WA-WA-WA! I know this might give some of you nightmares. I let me kids craft on my kitchen table. Hot glue, glue sticks, sparkles, glitter glue (it’s from the devil, but I still let my kids use it, bad mom bad bad mom), paint, Sharpie markers, royal icing (we use if for gingerbread house construction I am convinced you could hold a real house together with it). Yes I have allowed my kids to do a number on my table.

And this is the damage from me scrubbing too hard on the table. I have had friends say…cause really until now only my closest friends knew what was actually under “the table cloth”. I guess I am coming out from under my proverbial table cloth this week aren’t I? So back to what my friends have said, “you could get that refinished ya know”. I know I could. But then where would my kids craft and get creative. They are used to just going to town at the kitchen table. I really don’t want to start being grouchy at them about this area of the house too.

I’m picking my battles….and those would be piano lessons, homework, not too much television, and ba-bum-buuuum…..drum roll please….toilets. Clean toilets…seats down, no peeing on the seats, and flush it people!

These scratches began when my oldest gnawed on the back of the chair while I was holding him over my shoulder, chatting over coffee with a girlfriend. He chewed right into the wood like a puppy. Oh well, what the hey!

Now this is what the majority of people would see if they came to my home. Isn’t that lovely? Don’t look too close though, because truth be told I Hate ironing (with a capital H!). So if I don’t get my table cloths right out of the dryer and fold them nice they get wrinkled, like this one, and, well we all know how life can distract us away from our laundry.

There it is. Now you know what lies beneath the surface….of my tablecloth.

Just tryin‘ to keep it real.

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  1. Just leave it as it is and cover it with a table cloth. It won't be long and the kids will have outgrown glitter glue. Then it will be time to get it redone or get a new one. You are an awesome mom for doing arts and crafts at the table. Great memories!

    Karen, still anonymous