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Summer in the FAST lane

Can busy and relaxing be in the same sentence? I am having a biz-laxing time. My summer is very relaxingly busy?

I have been able to read two books, that qualifies as relaxing (Water for Elephants and Same Kind of Different as Me)….
Gone to P-Dubs Ranch with my peeps, gone away with my husband for a short getaway, that is also relaxing.
But just the not being home, and packing and unpacking makes life seems busy….so this is what else I have been up to.

In between I have tried to keep my flowers and vegi garden watered.

This week a girlfriend and I are camping on Lake Michigan with our kiddos….

I am splashing in the waves with my chit-lins…or at least taking pictures of my chit-lins splashin’. I’ve gotten a bit boring when it comes to my splashing in the waves…truth be told I’d kinda rather watch from behind my book or camera.

My boys found a pocket of clay in the sand and decided to decorate there bods…very interesting. Never in all my days on the shores of Lake Michigan have I come across clay on the beach…..
There is always a first for everything,

Aaahhh reading in the shade after a long day of playing in the sand…..Wunderbar!

And this would be MY son, two fisting the SMORES. Its in his genes. It’s the smoreo-genious. I’ve got it. I LOVE me a smore. And I plan on showing you just how much I love them in a couple weeks when my family and Big D’s family go back out to the beach for the week . We will have a smore-extraviganza.

I found these at our local grocers. Giant Roasters!!! Oh my! Oh Yes. They are ginorma-licious. The kids thought they were too big. Is there such a thing as a marshmallow that is too big?? My kids are weird. They were rather large. I roasted one up popped it in my pie hole and choked. OOoops, mama choking on a giant roasted marshmallow alert. I can see my husbands face now when they wheel me into the E.R., blue and choking on a marshy-mallow. I regained my composure though and no E.R. visit was necessary.

Comparison…well…..I guess that is a giant marshmallow.

We decided to take a break from the heat for a little while and go shopping. Look at my girls, they are on a shopping frenzy. “Mom’s delirious from the heat, let’s see how much we can get her to buy for us, quick before the air conditioning cools down her brain!”
It has been hot here in Michigan. 90’s. That’s hot for us. And when it gets that hot the humidity is crazy, something about the Big Lake….

The kids played Nucem, not sure of the spelling, it’s a volleyballish game. I actually did play, but I REALLY stink at it.

It ended up raining today so we went to our FAVE breakfast spot in Grand Haven, The Morning Star Cafe, then wasted some time milling around in shops. The best shop to land in on a rainy day, if you have your kids with you, is the Mackinaw Kite Co. store in Grand Haven, Mi. They have all the games out, and the employees, ie. store owners kids, are playing them and showing customers how to play. It’s awesome, hours can fly by. And we always end up walking out with a fun new game. Or two. Which is awesome, cause I love me a good game night. This time we bought the T-shirt Game, and 7ate9.
Then because it’s Thursday, I needed to get to the Farm and pick up my portion.
Look at the bounty!
Swiss chard, Kohlrabi, radishes, red and green lettuce, carrots, parsley, fennel, and a bag of salad greens.

Look at the colors!
My kids, of course, were distraught that the carrots were not large and orange and in a plastic bag. Oh we have a long way to go…..

Well since it was rainy and I had vegi’s I needed to clean I just zipped home and cleaned them up and got them stored away in my fridge. Nice to be only 40 minutes from our camping site…
While I was home I got a bit of a bug in my bonnet and whipped up a batch of these buttered pecans. Ooooh doggie, can you guess what I might me craving that I needed to whip up a batch of buttered nuts?

A Turtle Sundae. I didn’t actually have time to make the sundae, just preparing….always thinking ahead to my next yummy morsel. I will make a Turtle Sundae soon, and then I promise to share the whole experience with you. right down to the drool on my chiny chin chin.

Next week I will be home again, back in MY kitchen…I can’t wait.


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  1. Looks like your family has been having a great time in Lake MI! My mom and I went swimming in the lake and tried to get Bayley in, too, but she just doesn't like swimming. 🙂

    Morningstar Cafe is our fave spot in Grand Haven, too!

  2. Fun stuff going on. Have you tried a Smore with a peanut butter cup? Just asking 'cause for me it heaven!

  3. Sheila, It is great to see that you buy on farm through a CSA, makes my Southern Belle Farm Chic heart happy. Enjoy your camping vacay, make wonderful memories with those kiddos and save me a smore or two.
    The Park Wife