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strawberry PICKIN’

Yahoo! Strawberries are early this year in Michigan. I could not be more excited because they came just in time for me to show you all the things I love to make with strawberries.

Kenny had the night off, and my oldest daughter had a friend over so we had many hands to pick berries. In fact we picked 42 pounds of berries in less than one hour. I bet between my oldest and my youngest they probably ate 10 pounds. I can’t believe that they didn’t get stomach aches.

We went to Delanges Strawberry Patch in Hudsonville. Whoa-Kenny turn…turn…turn here!

It was a picture perfect night. No humidity…70 degrees, sunny. PERFECT!
Look at those babies. These were actually smaller than most, but I had to get this picture because of that super cute blossom….
Yikes giant hand swooping in for the PICK!
Aaaw, that’s my baby, eating her weight in strawberries. She always looks like she has been involved in a drive by shooting by the time she is done “helping” pick berries. And those two front Chiclet teeth are just adorable, are they not…

Fill it up PEOPLE! We ain’t goin home with no half full bowls. I had to get out my whip and get these kiddos in shape.
The girls are fast learners.
Is it written somewhere that every time I get out my camera that my boys have to turn in to big Ol‘ Goons.

This is what 42 pounds of strawberries looks like in the back of a mini van…doesn’t look like much…..all right back out there troops! We need to fill this vehicle up. Up I say! Every nook and cranny should be full of berries!

This is the Big Kahuna. The Mother of all strawberries. It was “called” by my youngest son. “I call the big one”, ” No I saw it”, “No I picked it”…….For the love of jam…we have 42 pounds PEOPLE I think there are enough strawberries with out gouging each others eyes out for the Big K!

Help me Rhonda!

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