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31days of Meals 4 Sharing:: time with Family

I had a long post halfway written for today.  I needed to finish it this morning.  What I needed to do more was serve at my church, and be with my family.  I hope you’re not disappointed in me.  I didn’t want to quick write something just to write it.  That would not honor your time or mine. I am so thankful to all of you who stopped by so faithfully this past month to read and to share.   The thing is Meals 4 Sharing won’t stop tomorrow, I have many more ideas and recipe to share with you.  So over time I will do just that.

I thought I’d share a few pictures I took this week around our property.  It’s so beautiful in Michigan this time of year.  I hope you had a relaxing day with your family………


I pray you took time to sit and listen.



To appreciate the beauty all around…



To be  joyful.


Even if life dropped an inch of unexpected hail on your path.


Have you taken a gander heavenward lately?


Taken a closer look…..


At one point I just stood, quiet in the woods looking down, feeling overwhelmed with the beauty at my feet, and sad that it will soon be gone, covered with snow.  Another season come and gone.


This life is so full of opportunies to love on people.  I’m glad that I did just that today.  I loved on my husband, my kiddos, my mother-n-law, my dad, my daughters friend.  Of course I loved on them with a big dinner.  Jack even got a piece of cheese…stinkin’ hairball dog.

How did you love on your family today?


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  1. Your pictures and your words overwhelm me today! Hoping to find time in this season to SIT AND LISTEN! Not much of that going on for me lately! Love ya gal…

  2. Your land is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Sounds like you spent your time wisely my Friend. And since blogging is a hobby {and not paying the mortgage}…. I think you made the best choice. 🙂 LOVED all your posts in this series, as always. Have a WONDERFUL start to your week…..

  3. GRACE my friend! So glad you chose to spend the day with your family. So happy you will continue to talk about “sharing food” from time to time. You have encouraged me in so many different ways! Thanks!!

  4. Sheila, please don’t stress about your blog posts. I am sure we all enjoy them whenever they come out. I am so behind in reading all the posts as I had to suddenly drop everything and go love on my parents. Mom just got her hip replaced and needed watching in the hospital so I was able to spell my dad and also brought him lots of homemade food to make sure he ate well during the stressful time. Your series came along just in time! 🙂