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31 days of Meals 4 Sharing

Picture taken by Andrea at La Vita e Bella photography, in my kitchen.

My first 31 day series Meals 4 Sharing was an amazing experience for me.  To write for thirty-one days straight was a little crazy at times, but only because the month of October turned out to be a little more full than I had anticipated.  What do they say if you do something for….how many days straight, is it 20? that you form a habit….I think I did just that because, when I sat down tonight it felt like it had been days since I blogged and in reality it was just yesterday.  It was a great challenge for me.  Thanks to The Nester for putting it all together. I’m  already throwing around ideas for next years 31 days!  Thanks again to all of you who stopped by, I hope you stick around!  I’ve gotten a little attached to ya!   I did  a linky thingy below so you could catch up on any Meals 4 Sharing posts you might have missed. If you have time please check out the other luverly blogs that also did 31 days series in 2011.


Day 1~ my Heart for Meal Ministry
Day 2~ "I'm not comfortable with bringing someone a meal"....
Day 3~ Reasons 4 sharing a meal.
Day 4~ Quick Easy Apple Sauce
Day 5~ Organizing a Meal Schedule
Day 6~ #1 reason -No reason at all!
Day 7~ #2 reason 4 sharing a meal - Baby...baby....baby..oooo
Day 8~ Chicken Supreme
Day 9~ It doesn't have to be home cooked to be a Blessing
Day 10~ partnering 2 SHARE a meal
Day 11~ Dare
Day 12~ #3 reason Hostess Meal
Day 13~ #4 reason Back 2 Work
Day 14~ Chicken Salad - the perfect meal 4 SHARING
Day 15~ Containers
Day 16~ reason #5 illness/injury
Day 17~ (#6) Loss & an update on BwoB JOPLIN
Day 18~ bring your NEW neighbor a meal
Day 19~ Swedish Meatballs
Day 20~ #8 reason 4 sharing-last minute dinner invitation
Day 21~ Holiday Giving
Day 22~ Pumpkin Gingerbread
Day 23~ Chicken Fontinella
Day 24~ Redletterwords GIVEAWAY
Day 25~ Meat and Potatoes
Day 26~ reason #9 Teams & Teachers
Day 27~ go2 Meals 4 Sharing
Day 28~ 10th reason for sharing- MOVING
Day 29~ Giving Comfort - Chicken & Biscuits
Day 30~ time with Family
Day 31~ a few final thoughts......

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  1. I’m so thankful that blogging is a “habit” for you! I was sad when the 31 days ended. Question for you – I was at Costco yesterday and I was looking at the foil pans, I think they said something about steaming. Anyway, they were a nice size, possibly 30 in a pack and very reasonable – have you ever used them? Years ago, I bought a box of tins from the “Cooking Among Friends” ladies, but the size I bought was small. Looking for an economical take & recycle pan. Also, shared a meal yesterday – I feel like I received the biggest blessing “joy of being able to share”! Thanks my friend! Love the series!!!

    1. Ha, I almost went to Costco yesterday we could have rubbed elbows ; )! Yes I have used those pans. what are they like 12×20 ish? Great for big get togethers, and I have baked beans and macaroni and cheese in them, mostaccoli for the football team…they’re great!!