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31 days:: {day 9} It doesn’t have to be home cooked to be a Blessing

The blessing of receiving a comforting  home cooked meal from someone is incomparable or is it?  Does food have to be made from scratch or home cooked to bless others? I say, NO!  Definitely not. If cooking is not your bowl of soup, however you have a heart for blessing others, well then like I’ve said before DO IT man….do do do. Don’t hesitate.  And by all means don’t let a minor thing like not knowing how to use your stove to stop you!

Why should we share food/bring someone a meal?

~To help them out, to fill a need.

~To show them we care about them, and their basic needs.

~To celebrate.

~To say thank you.

Some years ago I had disc surgery and was laid up for a few weeks.  My church surrounded me with lots of love and a whole heap of food.  One day the person who was bringing us a meal,  called and asked if I would mind if she brought us sandwiches from Subway.

“I hope you don’t mind, but my day turned out to be crazy….. I really still want to bring you a meal, I am so sorry.”

She broke one very large Meal Share rule! No apologies!  Never apologize for helping someone.

“Oh me garshk!” I said  “Don’t be sorry, we love Subway!”

I lied, kinda…my kids had never eaten Subway, but they like sandwiches, I knew it would be better than what we would be eating if she didn’t bring us Subway….which would have been NOTHING!  (Since then they have eaten their weight in Subway.)

My kids loved it! They were so geeked that they got to “eat out”, and try something new.

Another, good friend of mine who’s husband was sick with ALS for many years, and had meals coming into their home on a weekly basis,  told me that some of their favorites were when someone brought them pizza, they especially liked Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza.  They loved all the home cooked meals too, but when someone brought them take-out it felt like they actually got to go out to eat, which was hard for them to do in their circumstance.


Gift cards to their favorite restaurant is also a very fun choice.  It’s like treating them to a special night out.  They can use them to fill in nights when a meal is not being provided, or they could also be used after the meal schedule has ended and they just need a night off every now and again.

Don’t be afraid to ask, those in need of a meal, what their favorite restaurants are, and then give them gift certificates to use.

I hope that this 31 days of Meals 4 Sharing will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and bless others with the gift of food!

Whether you cook the meal or pick it up from a restaurant, bringing a meal to someone says you care.

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  1. When someone has a new baby, I like to buy a pack of diapers for the baby and then get gift cards for a restaurant and the movie theater for the parents. Then I offer to baby sit if needed, although grandparents usually love to do that for the new parents. someone did that for my husband and I, and it was wonderful. Love your site. 🙂 Laura

    1. What a blessing. Movies are always a great for new parents because they don’t have to think or talk they can just rest and enjoy! Thanks for sharing ; D xoxo, Sheila

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I love to bring home-cooked meals to people, but one year right after Christmas, my friend sprained her ankle. She had to be totally off her feet so I wanted to help out, but I had absolutely NO time with the holidays. We took her family carry-out pizza and what a treat it was for them!

    At my baby shower when I was expecting my 4th baby, the ladies all brought food gift cards. We didn’t need baby items because we were having our 3rd boy, but the promise of food was perfect.

    Also, my sister-in-law lives over 2000 miles away so when she had a baby last year, I couldn’t cook and bring her a meal, but I could send a gift card. It wasn’t home-cooked, but at least she didn’t have to cook!

    1. You are a bonafide meal sharer! Love it! Thanks for coming on over to Eat2gather for a visit…come on back real soon ; ) hugs!

  3. When my best friend passed away this year, we were prepared with a meal plan. She’d been fighting cancer for years, and therefore had had meals coming for YEARS! However, as she got closer to meeting her Heavenly Father, more and more cries of “I want to help” came through email, Facebook, and Caring Bridge. I finally got permission from her hubby to just put out there what their favorite restaurants and shopping places were. They received TONS of gift cards, and they have been SUCH a blessing. He’s been able to grab food on the way home from work or take the kids out without spending much money. In addition, he shared the gas cards that came in with his mother-in-law as she now does A LOT of driving to help with the kids.

    I also send gift cards to families that I love who are to far away for me to take an actual meal. I’ve even sent virtual gift cards (my favorite is Chilis as they seem to be everywhere) to bloggy/twitter friends for their families when in time of need.

    And don’t negate just a plain old McDonald’s Gift Card. I brought one to a gift exchange once, and it was FOUGHT over.

  4. Hi Sheila,

    The gift cards was my go-to gift, but have forgotten about them lately. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. We heart Subway, too. =)

    Just found and liked you on facebook and twitter.

    xoxo michele