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CUPCAKES for Mothers Day…hmmmm that’s a good idea!

Mothers Day is May 8. Have you thought about what you might give your Mother for Mothers day? Cupcakes perhaps? I could name at least five moms off the top of my head, licketly split, that would be delighted with a box of these babies.

If you live in the greater Grand Rapids area, you might just want to “accidentally” send this LINK to your family. Cupcakes by Design is having a Mothers Day GIVEAWAY! ONE dozen cupcakes plus a balloon bouquet delivered to your moms door step!

Red Velvet…heaven help me! Cupcakes by Design has the BEST Red Velvet evah!

Chocolate Divine.
This cupcake would definitely make any mom, wife, grandmother, sister-n-law, or sister happier than a pig in slop! Ooooh maybe that’s not the best association….lets just say I’m pretty sure if you score a mama some of these decadent cupcakes she will be pleased as punch!
Take a quick second and head over to Cupcakes by Design and enter to win! And even if you don’t happen to win their giveaway, it’s a fantastic gift idea!
Good Luck!

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  1. Are those cupcakes in your home right now? Or should I ask, how long did they last??? 🙂