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Rascally Pilgrims

“Here we are again Ma”
“Yes, here we are….(sigh)”
“How long you think until the vittles start arriving before us?”
“Not long Pa, not long…I can smell something cooking”

“Mmmm, I knew it was nearing time….the Cranberry Relish is always first to the table.”
“Smells so good ma…(snnnifff) aaahhhh”

“Pa did you just stick your nose in the relish? You have relish on your nose…..”
“I couldn’t control myself, I did a tipper right on in the sauce”
“I wouldn’t mind getting my nose in the sauce Pa…..I can’t seem to tip….. maybe if I hop up on this fork….um, no not workin’ for me. Pa help your bride wouldja!”


“Ma, they must’ve filled you mighty full with salt this year….oooooumph…hang on”
“Pa where is your face….for heavens sakes!”

“Hang on….just trying to get some leverage…there we go…it’s all in the hat…”

“rrGah…I’m ther…umph…e”
“Me boosums er in da sauce…”

“backer up Pa”

“Uh oh….you’re a mess…she’s gonna know somethin goin on.”
“Maybe she’ll never notice…maybe she’ll think it’s from last year…how humiliaten’ Pa, I’m covered in cranberries, and my boosums are sticky”

“Scooch in close, maybe she’ll think it spilled out on us”

“Is this punishment? A brief frisking with a damp cloth…”
“Think she knows?”
“Ma? is my nose clear of cranberry?”
“Yes Dear…..Why does she always stand us face to face and giggle?”

“This better Ma?”
“Ahhh yes, the view outside is lovely.”
Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings to you all!

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  1. Your TOO cute…love Ma and Pa…they should be allowed out for vittle sniffing throughout the year…just like we should do "turkey dinner" more often than just Thanksgiving.