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31days of Meals 4 Sharing:: #4 reason Back 2 Work

In the past decade I have seen many of my friends go back to work, for many reasons,  after being “at home” with their children.  It has been hard to watch at times.  I know that most of them, love their jobs and would rather be out in the work force than at home all day while their kiddos are in school, for some it was not a choice they wanted to make, but because of the economy they have had to make adjustments in their lives and go back to work.

It seems that there is always that stage, as a family, they are trying to figure it all out.  Trying to get in the swing of things and find a new rhythm for their lives.

What better way to say “I support you” than bringing someone a meal, after they return to the working world.  Anytime is good, but I think right away in the first week or two of going back to work is best.  And don’t ask them if you can do it.  Just do it.  Make them something that can be frozen if they would like or can be popped in the oven right away.

I assure you that a “Back to Work” meal will bless your friend in more ways than you can ever imagine!

Need some “what to make for dinner” ideas? Here‘s a good start, or I can always find tasty dinner ideas here.

I would love to know: Have you gone back to work after being home, for a period of time,  with your children?  Did anyone ever bring you a meal when you went back to work?

Please take a minute to wander over to my friend Sandy’s 31 days of Warm Connections series for other great ways to bless those around you!

Much Luv!


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  1. I have actually, not gone back to work, but have increased to full-time from working part-time. My baby (well, he’s 5 really) is now in full-day schooling & the opportunity to increase my hours just happened to come along at the same time.

    I’m actually the kind of person who finds it really difficult to ask for help. I appreciate the help when it’s offered (maybe 3 or more times would make me feel ok about accepting it;)). What is it about us women that feel like we need to take it all on?!?! I guess my husband is the same way too though. Thankfully we both have very “helping” personalities, so we’re constantly offering one another to help with something.

    I’m not 100% certain about how I feel about working full-time yet…I’m getting used to it. I’m sure in the long-run it will be the wise choice. I think it just takes time. I do have to say, my family & I have gone out to dinner more & have had more creative meals since I’ve increased my hours. I’ve also found that making a double batch of something doesn’t require much more time, so freezing it for another night has been helpful! It would work to do that for someone else too.

    Once I catch my balance, I will definitely plan to create a meal for someone! I actually have just the someone in mind already 🙂

    You continue to inspire me Sheila.
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Hi! I just want you to know God allowed me to stumble upon your blog. I am 21 years old (I know a little young for this blog thing). I commute to college while living at home for financial purposes plus I am the oldest of five children and I love them to pieces I couldn’t go away to school. My mom just went back to work full-time, and growing up my grandma taught me how to bake, but cooking is different. My mom was never the “I’ll teach you how” kind she was more set the table, fold the clothes and learn for yourself, and I never had anything inside me want to learn how, so I didn’t. Now that I’m older and almost out of college I’m discovering I love to be in the kitchen and bless someone with a meal. My family literally rotates the same 9 meals (I know!). Thus, I love your website to bring in new meals to my brothers and sisters and my mom with the little time she has to cook a meal these days. I am finding it is the best way I can help her- when I have the time with my crazy schedule of school! So…thank you for sharing your heart!

  3. As you know, I have gone back to work kinda of…really going to work during the day vs working at night! Now, for the most part, we can eat as a family most nights (or at least a snack!). I really love this idea. I know of someone starting a new job in the GR area really soon and I think I will do this for her and her family! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hi Sheila! I am working while my children are in school and I have to say it is the perfect arrangement – but I know plenty of moms that are working longer hours and a meal would be a blessing. You are inspiring me – going over to look at your dinner ideas. When I occasionally make gravy (hubby’s word for homemade pasta sauce) and make trays of lasagne and stuffed shells I try and make enough for the neighbors as well. I lack consistency though – it could be next week or next year before I make gravy again. 🙂

    xoxo michele