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31 days of Meals 4 Sharing:: Containers

I almost always try to use disposable containers when bringing someone a meal.  It makes it easy for them.  No. 1 they don’t have to worry about having my dish setting around their house until I come and get it.  No. 2 they don’t even have to wash it if they don’t want to.   I do tell people that they don’t have to get the containers back to me, because I have had someone wash them and bring them back, Bless their Hearts!

One gallon freezer Ziploc bags are a great for sharing meals.  They work especially well for anything that needs to be warmed up in a pan, or placed in a bowl.   Baked goods are perfect shared in Ziploc bags.  I’ve poured spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, and chili in them.  Stuffed muffins, cookies, salad, and meatballs in Ziploc bags.  They are something you most likely always have around, that makes them super convenient.  Freezer bags are best, because then if they want to freeze it and take it out later they can, and the freezer bags are sturdier.

I realize that aluminum pans and plastic containers can get expensive. I often watch the Costco coupons and buy the plastic containers in bulk, or I have gone to restaurant supply stores and purchased them in mass supply.  BUT…..I know this still costs denaro.  It is perfectly fine if for cost reasons, or waste reasons you do not want to use disposable containers.  However, IF lending out your 9×13 baking dish is keeping you from bringing someone a meal, here are a few things you can do about that…….!

Set up a time to pick up your dish when you drop it off.  Tell them they can leave it on their porch or somewhere outside, so you don’t even have to disturb them when you pick it up.  Church kitchens can also be a common spot to return dishes too if your meals have come from someone at church, let them know they can leave it there for you; a common ground for you both.  My personal problem with this and the reason I used disposable 99% of the time is because I’m a huge numbskull and I can never, ever remember to pick up my stuff, even from church.  But I know you are not like me, so don’t let this hold you back!

Recently I brought a meal to someone and they had a Rubbermaid container on their porch so people could pick up their dishes at their convenience. They also had a Thank You note taped right in the dish, which I thought was super thoughtful and it saved them looking up addresses and spending money on postage too!

When you bring someone a meal what type of container do you bring it in?

Another great idea that I have never used, but someone once shared with me was the idea of picking up dishes and containers for pennies at garage sales and using them when you bring someone a meal.  It’s a great recycling practice.  And if you never get the dish back no biggie!

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  1. Sheila, I love your blog.. and all the ideas I’m getting. I’m drawn to your passion for for food+family+fun!! Just what I was looking for!

  2. I always take something that they do not have to bring back, I know when I got meals from my church after having my daughter it was so much easier the ones who brought food like that! I also watch for after Christmas sales, I found a great deal at my local walmart on some containers that were meant for giving food gifts, got them for 25 cents in pkgs of 2 & 3 containers, and they seal great and keep the food warm. I also use butters bowls and other plastic containers u already buy stuff in and aluminum pans.

  3. My sister and I were just talking about taking meals to people and she told me that she gets the empty pickle jars from to her local (German) bakery (they give them away), and uses them for giving soup. She wraps a prety ribbon aroung the lid and puts it in a box with the correct number of breadbowls – it makes a great gift package, and the receiver has no “return” worries.

  4. Another thing I have done is stop by before hand and grab a couple of their casseroles and bowls from their cupboards to make the meal in. Then, they don’t have to worry about returning anything. It gives me a chance to visit them, and even talk about what they may want me to bring for dinner. It gives me time to chat ahead of time so I don’t hold them up from the hot meal when I drop it off.

  5. I too stock up on containers at the garage sales, and I too save all the empty butter containers, etc… I also store it all together out of the way. I have a specific spot in the garage for the containers so they are always together and ready to be put to service.

    The best tipI have is buy sets once a year sale after Thanksgiving I buy 3 or 4 of the “nicer” rubbermaid sets of 12 or so they have on sale for $3 a set.

  6. GREAT post Sheila. All good tips. I totally agree that leaving disposable containers is the way to go when possible {though remember to tell them you don’t want them back…. I’ve had people return the plastic containers!}. 🙂 LOVE the Rubbermaid bin idea… that’s one to remember.

  7. I save cool whip containers, cottage cheese containers, sour cream containers, etc. They are perfect for storing food as they are sturdy and have good lids, and it totally doesn’t matter if you get them back. They might not be attractive to deliver a meal in, but they work great, and I’ve never had a friend complain when I bring them food. 🙂

  8. The Rubbermaid container outside the door is brilliant. Love that idea! I often find good aluminum foil pans at the Dollar Store.

    1. Dollar store is my go to place for meals to share! I think giving a meal in a dish that they do NOT have to clean or get back to you is an EXTRA blessing!