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31 days:: #8 reason 4 sharing~last minute dinner invitation

The more the merrier! Today is my oldest sons last football game of this season.  It’s cold, it’s rainy, it’s basically not the kind of weather you want to sit outside in, unless of course your kid is playing football.  Our family is always so supportive of our kids, especially Ken’s dad and his wife, they are at every game, of every grandchild, rain or shine, sleet or snow.  You gotta luv um!  I’ve tried when our schedule has allowed to invite them or anyone else who is willing over for dinner after Noah’s games.  Tonight we are having Beef Stew.  If there were ever a perfect day for beef stew, today would be the day.  Can I hear an Amen, Michiganders!?!  It makes your home smell so warm and delicious.  So welcoming.

And I made a ton of beef stew! Now the whole gang may show up and eat, they may all have plans and not come, in that case I will have a boat load of beef stew left.  But that’s ok because beef stew freezes well,  and is even better the next day.  So if I do have a boat load left I will pack it up and share it with a few people I know who could use a meal.

Who are those people? An older couple at church who have had a rough year with their health, my dad who lives alone and only the good Lord knows what that man concocts for himself…..Ewww, a young family I know that the mother has MS.   Those are just my regulars, if I really think about it, if I really open my eyes to those around me there are more.

Who do you know that you could share a meal with?

It’s true we are busy, we are so busy!  I know.  It’s maddening.  It’s seriously crazy how busy our lives can become.  I am not suggesting that every week, or even every month you make a meal for someone, outside your home. I want to encourage you through 31days of Meals 4 Sharing to open your heart, your eyes to those around you that could be blessed by the gift of food.  Slow down for a sec.

If sharing a meal means simply inviting some people over after your kids sporting event or a last minute invite to a neighbor, because WOOPS you made a heck of a lot of spaghetti sauce, well then I say awesome!

When you gather folks together around a table full of food, special things happen. Conversations begin, friendships form, lasting memories are made.

Don’t let your space limit your hospitality. I grew up in a rabbit whole of a house.  It was small.  There was no rec room or den,  no finished basement.  My bedroom was practically right off the living room.  The thing is we always had people over.  I never ever looked at the size of our home, growing up, as limiting.  My mom is such a awesome cook no one noticed they were standing up eating, because there wasn’t enough chairs.  It’s all about the people, and well alot about the food, but really not about where you are at all!

So this evening I may have a crowd in my home or it maybe just us, depending on who takes me up on my offer.  It won’t be anything fancy. I’ll throw it all out on the kitchen island buffet style and everyone can help themselves.

Tonights Menu: Beef Stew, Mashed Potatoes, Bread, Apple Crisp (All made ahead of time, and then put in the oven to reheat during the game.) For the recipes you can click on the menu items.

How do you feel about inviting friends/ family over for dinner last minute?

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Believe it or not, I am not the only one doing a 31 day series in October.  There are like 80 gagillion of us out there…or maybe it was 700ish, that sounds more like it.  If you have a second  check some of them out, go here.

I covet your comments, I would love to hear from you!

Many Blessings!

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  1. in the past i always wanted to make sure everything was Martha Stewart perfect, (not that there is anything wrong with that, if you can do it stress free go for it) but that put a lot of stress on me and my family leading up to the event. Everyone always complemented the table and the food but what they didn’t see was me screaming like a crazy woman before they rang the doorbell because things weren’t perfect.

    Then for school we read “Cranberry Thanksgiving”. What a life changer that book was for me. The grandmother and her grand-daughter opened their home on Thanksgiving to friends and strangers. Grandma didn’t care that the carpet was bare or the silver didn’t match because she understood that inviting someone in your home was one of the greatest gifts you could give someone.

    So my new outlook was to relax and not sweat the small stuff.

    Our church participated in a church wide fast and then had a prayer meeting the night we were going to break the fast. Well i didn’t want to break the fast by myself so i invited some families to come over after the prayer meeting so we could break the fast together. I made two large pots of different soups, salad and bread. I really didn’t expect that many people to come, but being Mexican I always prepare enough for the what if…thank God I did because we had more than 50 people come over that night. Our house is very small but that night as people were sharing chairs around the table or finding open spots on the floor to sit we didn’t feel cramped. We just felt surrounded by our love for each other.

    1. Mimi, This truly brought tears to my eyes! I’ve got big snot nose now ; )Thanks so much for sharing…how God worked through you after your fast. I promise you know will ever remember your dust bunnies but they will ALWAYS remember your loving hospitality. thanks so much for taking the time to stop by…come back again soon! ; ) hugs! Sheila

  2. All i know is I wish I was eating at your house tonight! You are the best friend and hostess any of your family and friends could ask for. They are so lucky to have you. The beef stew sounds amazing

  3. Truely, @ times the task seems daunting, but I do force myself to do it. My mother in law lives alone and is always up for the “last minute” invite over to our house for a dinner. She normally has something @ the ready that she brings with her…hum…got me thinking, does she know I am going to call her? Often, when I worked nights, the neighbor would invite my hubby over for dinner…it not only helps him with the kiddo’s but I feel like someone steps in and helps love on my family when I am not there to feed them…so thanks Kristen and Dave! Thanks too eat2gather for your dedication to this series on how to LOVE/HONOR others!