Baked Beans

Are you ready for summer? Ready to gather around the picnic table with family and friends and enjoy your favorite summertime foods? I know I am! This baked bean recipe is a favorite, and is always on my cookout menu, I thought it was about time I share it with you lovelies. IMG_2157These baked beans are worthy of the “best” title.  Everytime I make them people say “these are the best baked beans I’ve ever had!”, and I smile and shake my head in agreement.  YUP!  They are!


IMG_2166I wish I could take credit for these beans, but I can’t, not completely.  Although the recipe isn’t a far cry from my recipe.  I think it’s the addition of the peppers, and well the bacon fat that push it over the top.


Baked BeansI first found this recipe on PW’s website, but the recipe is Pam Andersons.  Not Pamela. Pam. Anderson.  Former executive editor of Cooks Illustrated magazine, and NY times bestselling cookbook author!  Pam is my favorite cookbook author.  She also has a blog with her two beautiful daughters, Three Many Cooks, go check it out!


IMG_2159I have taken a few liberties with these beans, sort of made them my own; basically they are Pam’s southern style baked bean recipe.  I’m telling you need to try these.  I recently made them for a cookout at church, I had a few people pass them by and sort of turn up their noses and I was like “um you need to try these beans, I promise you will love them, if you’ve never like baked beans before these will make you a lover of baked beans”, and guess what?  I was right.  They both came up to me and said, I can’t believe it “I loved those beans”.  YUP!

I knew it!




Well hello there beautiful beans!  Welcome to the party!

Whats your favorite summertime picnic recipe…besides baked beans that is?

XO, Sheila



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    Robi Rau :

    These sound delicious. I am thinking Memorial Day Weekend! Thankyou for sharing this recipe!