Mini Breakfast Muffins

My family has one speed, mach speed.  So in order to show them how much I love them sometimes it has to be in the little things, like with these melt in your mouth bite sized breakfast muffins that they can grab as they run out the door.

Mini Breakfast MuffinsWe’ve never been a family that gets all goo goo ga ga over Valentines Day, we like to find ways to love on each other the whole year through.  My husband and my kids all love it when I bake for them, and even though I bake on a weekly basis, it still puts big smiles on their faces and I usually get a hug or two as a bonus!



Mini Breakfast MuffinsThree of these tasty morsels fit perfectly into a snack sized zip-loc baggy, once you’ve baked them, and let them cool completely, pop mini muffins in snack bags and freeze for quick breakfasts, lunch box treats, or after school snacks!


Mini Breakfast MuffinsMy kids love my Chocolate Chip Muffin they are so decadent, buttery, and full of chocolate chips!  I have had readers ask in the past how they could cut the calories in this recipe so that got me thinking….

Mini Breakfast Muffins

by cutting the butter in half, adding 0%fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt from Stonyfield, using skim milk instead of buttermilk, and cutting the sugar by one-third I was able to shave off a few calories and none of the yumminess. NOW I realize that these muffins would not be considered a “healthy” breakfast, I just wanted you to see that by getting a smallish bit creative I was able to cut down on the calories without loosing even a smidgen of the nommy factor.


Mini Breakfast Muffins

I love using Stonyfields 0% fat Greek Yogurts in replace of sour cream.  I use greek yogurt for baking and as a topping for my tacos, soups, and chili.  It’s so creamy and spoon lickin’ good!  One of my goto breakfast is Stonyfields 0% fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt with granola.  I love it!  Who needs bacon, I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!!  I may or may not crumble a little bacon in there once in a while.  LOL….lol yourself!   I just googled it, bacon granola is actually a thing.  Dang!  I thought I might be on to something there.


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Disclaimer:  As a Stonyfield Clean Plate Club partner, I was compensated for writing this post as part of my agreement with Stonyfield.  As always all thoughts are 100% my own, I only work with products I love and want to share with my readers!  

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    I love little muffins. it’s like getting a treat just for waking up.
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