Caramel Cappuccino Mix

During the winter months there is nothing better than a hot steamy cup of Caramel Cappuccino.   Use this easy to make dry cappuccino mix  and you will be able to whip yourself up one at a moments notice!  Just add hot water!!   

Caramel Cappuccino MixI have a serious weakness for caramel and an even seriouser (word?) weakness for coffee, put the two together and stand back!  I know most teens have a pretty serious weakness for frothy sweet hot drinks as well, if you have a couple of said people in your house this drink mix is a great way to save them a few calories as well as a few dollareenies!


Caramel Cappuccino Mix

You will need a blender and a few ingredients.  Caramel bits are what give this mix it’s caramely flavor.  One thing to note you must freeze the bits before processing them in the blender otherwise the heat from the blade will turn them into a big gob.  Once they have been pulverized they will melt perfectly into your drink!


Caramel Cappuccino Mix

Then all you need to do is scoop 1/4 cup of the mix into a cup, fill cup with 1 cup of very hot water, stir, find a cozy corner with a good read and you’re welcome!


Caramel Cappuccino MixIt is so cold today.  Winter has officially arrived in the Mitten, when the temperatures dip below zero I want to keep a warm drink in my hands at all times!  Having this delicious caramel drink mix on hand means that I can make a froo froo drink right in the comfort of my home with out venturing out!

My sixteen year old caramel froo froo drink lover thinks this drink mix is the bees knees!  She’s sitting in a chair reading a book slurping it down right now!  I didn’t do the calorie math, but I would bet there is less sugar and calories in a cup of this than her favorite froo froo drink from you know where.  I would also bet that you could drink about ten of these for the cost of one of those.

Put this mix in a mason jar, tie a cute bow around the neck of it and Voila! you’ve got yourself an amazing gift!

[I feel the need to tell you that I added some steamed milk to the top of this drink to make it look frothy and whippy.  So when you make a cup it won’t look quite as whippy and frothy as mine, but it will taste every bit as yummy and if you want whippy frothy then just put some milk in the microwave whisk it up a bit, and spoon the froth on top of your Caramel Cappuccino!]

Cheers to a dairylicous warm drink on a cold January day!



Disclaimer:  I am honored to be partnering with the UDIM this year.  I look forward to creating and sharing healthy dairy recipes that will have your family running to the table!  As always all opinions are 100% my own. 

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