homemade Chicken Fingers

There is nothing better than a Summer picnic table laid out with home fried chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, and thick juicy slices of watermelon.  This was my childhood.

homemade Fried Chicken Strips

I’ve learned that not many people actually fry chicken, but everybody loves it!  I grew up eating homemade fried chicken.  My grandma and my mom are famous for it.  There’s really nothing fancy about the way my family makes fried chicken.  I actually think the beauty is in the simplicity of this recipe.


fried chickenMy maternal grandfather is from the south, as in Carthage, Missouri south.  He met my grandma (born and raised in Michigan) while they were both in the Marines during WWII.  After the war they wed.  As the story goes….one thing led to another and grandma attempted to make fried chicken 😉 for her new beau, it was a disaster, he took her south to his mama to learn how to make some proper fried chicken.  The rest is history.

homemade Fried Chicken StripsFrying chicken is somewhat like making pie crust, ya kinda gotta get a feel for it, but honestly it’s really not hard at all.  Fried chicken tastes delicious served at room temperature.  I think that’s why it’s makes for perfect picnic food.


Allow me to introduce you to the art of frying CHEEECKIN’.

homemade Fried Chicken StripsTrim boneless skinless chicken breasts and cut them into strips lengthwise.  You should be able to get 4 strips out of each breast.  Toss with Lawry’s Season Salt in a glass or plastic bowl, pour buttermilk over chicken allow 3-24 hours to marinate.




homemade Fried Chicken Strips

When you’re ready to fry um up, toss together flour, more seasoned salt, and Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper ( I love this stuff! it’s one of my secret weapons in the kitchen.)  in a shallow dish.



homemade Fried Chicken Strips

How to tell if oil is ready.   Pour one inch of vegetable oil into your pan.  Turn heat on medium.  If you want to use a thermometer you can, or this is how I do it.  I take a little bit of buttermilk that the chicken is in, drizzle it in the flour and then I take a little clump of buttermilk flour and drop it in the hot oil.  If the flour sizzles right away and floats on the top you are good!  Start fryin’!!



homemade Fried Chicken StripsRemove chicken one piece at a time and place it in the flour.  Dredge heavily in flour.  I like to toss and turn my chicken making sure it’s nice and coated with flour.  Your fingers will get a bit gummy during this step.  I suggest trying to keep one hand dry and one hand for the dirty work.



homemade Fried Chicken Strips

Lay chicken in pan, being careful not to over crowd the pan.  Allow chicken to cook for 3-4 minutes.


homemade Fried Chicken Strips

Then turn on to the other side, and allow to cook for an additional 3-4 minutes.  Note:  This is the same technique used for bone-in skin-on chicken you will need to cook the chicken longer on each side, and may I suggest covering the pan.  (See more details in the printed recipe.)

Remove chicken to baking sheet lined with paper towels, or place a wire rack over a baking sheet and place chicken on the rack.  That’s all there is to it.  Now you can have the best picnic of your life!

homemade Fried Chicken Strips

 Come back Wednesday I’ll show you one of my families favorite ways to eat homemade chicken strips!


Happy first Monday of Summer! Sheila






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  1. 1

    These look to die for!!
    Liz @ The Lemon Bowl recently posted..Chocolate Cherry Walnut Energy BallsMy Profile

  2. 2

    I haven’t had fried chicken in so long – other than the KFC John brought home to feed me when I was sick. 3 weeks of crap I need to work out of my system. These chicken strips would be a good start. 🙂
    Maureen | Orgasmic Chef recently posted..The Ultimate Steak and Eggs BreakfastMy Profile

  3. 3
    Lesli :

    Used this recipe to fry chicken for the first time, and I will admit, this is the best fried chicken I’ve ever had! It was delicious and super easy to make! I didn’t check my pantry carefully so didn’t realize I was out of oil, which meant the chicken marinated in buttermilk for 3 days before I could get to the store – oops! The chicken was still delicious, and I can’t wait to make again. Thanks for the easy, tasty recipe! 🙂


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