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well HELLO cowboy!

We had arrived…and it was real. Not a freaky dream I had dreamed up in my head. We were really on Ree Drummond’s ranch for the weekend. I don’t think I was the only one that was a little bit star struck, but the look on my friends face here, I am thinking that we were all bit amazed. Or maybe Cyndee was just afraid that Ree was going to shoot somebody with her shooter finger.

No one got shot in the course of our introductions. I did get labeled the “hug-hogger” though, because Ree hugged me twice, right off the bat…hug…hug. What they did not know and apparently Ree did, cause she is very knowledgeable in all sorts of stuff, is that is was hug a blogger day. So Ree just wanted to get it in before she forgot I am sure.

Ree graciously showed us around the place and we got acquainted as we went. She made us feel so at home. The Lodge is WAY more amazing in real life. Pictures DO NOT do it justice. Sorry to say. She made sure we knew to make ourselves at home, the fridgeratorS (plural) were stocked. Ree is a very busy mom, so she gave us the lay of the land and headed back to her place to take care of some very important business, (nothing big really….just finishing up “Black Heels to Tracker Wheels” !!!) so she could spend more time with us the rest of the weekend.

So Ree vamoosed and we got busy trying the cowboy hats and making ourselves at home.

I was very, VERY, anxious to get busy in the marvelous kitchen that was before me. I wanted it all to myself.
I NEEDED some alone time to create yummy stuff….
So I kicked um out. I said, “hit the road ladies” “the dusty trail” “out of my hair please I need to bake, and make pizza dough and stuff……”

Pizza….we will get out of your hair if you make us pizza…in fact we will run, we will run down the dusty trail and…….

then it happened….I did cart wheels and back flips and ran across counter tops…. I literally lost my marbles. Then I came back down to earth and made pizza dough, and malted milk chocolate chip cookies.
And well I was doing that….the other ladies encountered this….

Cowboy Josh. “Well hello ladies, are you sure you should be walking at this time a day in this heat?” It was rather hot…like CRAZY hot, like hotter than haducci’s HOT! But us Michigan girls are tough, our skin is actually still thawing out from the winter up North.

So the ladies walked back and right on there heels where some more cowboys….Josh must have sent out the smoke signal “women from north in Lodge….need entertainment”.

After they showed us how swift and debonair they are on their horseys they had there selves a sit. And we all had a nice visit…and learned lots of interesting stuff about cowboys and ranching and calf nuts.

Then Cowboy Sam said, “I smell pizza…let us go forth and and eat.”

It took a minute for the Potato Leek and Tomato Basil Pizzas to get done. So we got to hear ourselves even more interesting tales….love the accents…and the smiles. These boys were so sweet and fun. They are just kids…that work hard….very hard…very hard at crazy hours of the morning. It was fun…and now we are all face books friends!

There they are…..the beauty’s. The yummy pizzas. My number one favorite thing to do is make food for peeps and here them say MMMMMmmm. It makes me crazy, I love it! Almost as much as I would love to have eat-O-vision right now….I am STARVING! Which how I could even feel remotely hungry after all I ate this past weekend is beyond me.

The cowboys were making yum noises too! I think I even caught Cowboy Josh eating the Potato Leek variety. But you might not want to tell Marlboro Man that….

Big D not looking so big next to Cowboy Sam!

“Come on boys it’s time to go….it’s gonna be an earlaaa mornin”

Stay tuned, I have a few more things to tell ya!

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  1. I was excitedly waiting to read your post from your experience. I knew it would be great but I also appreciate taking a while to process everything. Even though I was only able to join you a few hours, I find I am still working through all that I have to say. Hope to blog before too long. 🙂

    PS: Glad you made it home safe!

  2. So fun! Had so much fun getting the scoop from you and Big D today. So loved that Gweek Gwak!

  3. What fun! This is much better than Julie and Julia, because actually got to meet your Julia! Can't wait for more posts!!!