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UPDATE: BwoB help for Joplin

First, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the out pouring of concern for my family in Joplin MO. I cannot express my gratitude for your generosity. Bloggers with out Borders raised over $2000!!!

After launching the fundraising project for Joplin, it came to BwoB’s attention that another bloggers family had also been affected by the destruction of the tornadoes that had hit Arkansas. Maggy of Three Many Cooks emailed me and asked if I minded sharing the funds raised. How could I say no. Good golly Miss Molly so many in need, “Of course I will share!!!”. You know I always say, “It’s nice to share.”. Half of the monies raised will go to Confessions of a Cookbook Queens family in Denning, Arkansas.
I was really hoping that I would be able to make the trip to Missouri, sadly that is not going to happen. BUT my mom is heading up there (she lives in Florida, so for her it’s “up there”) tomorrow morning. She will help out our family as they prepare for the funeral of my great aunt, and she will help her cousin who is recovering from complications from severe bruising and cuts from being buried in the rubble from the tornado. Once my mom gets to Joplin I will send her the money and she will present it to the family that we have chosen to help.
I will give you a full update on this families situation, with pictures, as soon as my mom gets all the details to me.
So many of you have been praying and I want to thank you for your prayers. We have seen so many prayers answered in the last 10 days. If you could continue to pray this time for my mom as she heads to Joplin, I would really appreciate it. My cousin told me on the phone that the pictures online and the news do not even begin to show the devastation in Joplin. Pray for strength, health, safety, and a super natural ability to serve those in need, for my mom. Love you mom thanks for being willing to serve and to help us get the donations to the designated family.
Luv U all!! and Thanks Again!
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  1. Great job sweet friend, 2000 bucks! Praying for your mom's trip and strength for her as you walks into devastation and heartbreak.

  2. 2 grand is AMAZING! Wow, that is so awesome and I am so glad it will go to families in need. I hope your aunts funeral goes well and that your cousin will continue to get better. I am still praying for ya'll!