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This Saturday I made P-Dubs Angel Sugar Cookies, as a treat for my kids at home and my kids at church. Every week I bring the Jr. High kids a big-ol’ carafe of hot chocolate and a treat. Usually purchased from the store, but this week I thought what the heck…I’ll bake the rascals somethin’. BUT I had one problem………….

that blasted finger of mine kept scooping dough off the beater and heading right toward my “pie hole”. I had absolutely no control over it! It’s really sort of embarrassing. I usually nab a few bits of cookie dough here and there as I am baking cookies, but this was obscene! I can’t believe I actually ended up with enough cookies for a plate to leave at home and a plate for church. Well, you know when mom starts digging into the dough that makes it hard to say no to the kiddos…Cece also played a major part in the disappearing dough.

Ree had a disclaimer in her cookbook that these do not travel well because they are very delicate and crumbly. Which is true, but they made it just fine to my Jr. high friends. I would say be careful, as with any cookie NOT to over bake. Take them out before they look done, if you think “aaah maybe they should stay in another minute and get a tad bit browner..well then STOP right there and take the cookies out of the oven. Let them finish baking on the cookie sheet as they cool. Unless, of course, you like nearly burned cookies(like my dad), then disregard everything I just said in the last two sentences.

This is getting boring, I know…we gave these a thumbs up. Every single dad-burned person liked these cookies. Pioneer Woman strikes again! You are probably hoping for a recipe disaster. Waiting for one of P-Dubs recipes to just stink. It would add a bit a excitement to my blog wouldn’t it.

Yeah, well stay tuned for my next post “You can’t judge a pie by its crust!”. The original title that my oldest daughter thought appropriate was “Epic Disaster”…whoa now that was a bit dramatic so we will stick with the first title.



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  1. These look so good. Sugar cookie is my favorite, but funny enough they only cookie dough I don't like eating raw. I like chocolate chip cookie dough raw, and yes I eat raw cookie dough. But I raise my own chickens so I gather my eggs freshly laid everyday. Thanks chickas! Anyway, this recipe looks like a winner.

  2. I agree with you Sheila – that cookie dough is "heaven" – yummy in my tummy! The only thing worse is Scotcheroos – I made them for the church kids and 1/2 of those dumb things came home – the next day I ate 8 of those puppies, 4 the next day, 4 the next and I finally had to throw the rest away (well, after I ate the chocolate part off of them – the rest went in the trash). Can you say "let's just tape them to my butt and thighs? – ugh!

  3. Oh and I almost snuck down to the fuse room when I heard you tell maggie that you had cookies…I completely forget now what pulled my attention into another direction, but man sounds like I missed out.

  4. I have to tell you that I am not USUALLY a sugar cookie fan…as you know my dear friend, I like things that are a bit more complex, but boy oh boy these are really very nice, delicate and sweet. Hey, I think that is my FIRST food review. What do you think?