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Spicy Ginger Coleslaw the perfect side for a BBQ!

One of my favorite Summer side dishes is Coleslaw! Unfortunately, quite often coleslaw can be boring. Average. Not worthy of seconds. Add some extra carrots, tart apple and the zing of fresh ginger, and Oh! let’s not forget the cayenne pepper, and you will be going back for thirds!!


Spicy Ginger Coleslaw
1 14 ounce bag Coleslaw
1/2 Red Bell Pepper sliced thin
1 cup or half a bag matchstick Carrots
1 Granny Smith Apple shredded (or any other tart variety)
1 tablespoon fresh Ginger grated
1 cup Mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tablespoon Sugar…more if you like your slaw sweeter
1/2 teaspoon Morton’s Natures Seasonings Salt
1/8 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper…more if you like it spicy
1/2 teaspoon Coleman’s Mustard Powder
salt and pepper to taste
Paprika for garnish
In a large mixing bowl combine bag of coleslaw, matchstick carrots, shredded apple, and Red Bell Pepper cut into thin strips. Toss to combine. In a smaller bowl whisk together mayonnaise, grated ginger, apple cider vinegar, sugar, and seasonings. If you like spicy don’t be afraid to add more cayenne, or more sugar if you prefer a sweeter slaw. Make it your own…I will never know (wink). Pour dressing over slaw mixture, fold until combined. Give it a taste, add salt and pepper if you feel the need. Transfer to a smaller bowl and sprinkle with paprika to make it look purdy.
Spicy Ginger Coleslaw made a slaw lover out of my Kenny. He is not one for salads with mayonnaisey dressings, but this one has enough flavor and crunchy texture from the apple, pepper, and extra carrots, that is has won him over.
Pair this coleslaw with these BBQ Ribs.……


Or with these Hawaiian Burgers. Is it just me or do you have a hard time spelling Hawaiian? It’s a freaky word to me…anyway…however you spell it, these burgers are amaaaZING! 

Then add these Taters….. 

And this SCRUMPTIOUS Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp, from my gal Heather at Down Home with the Nesbits and you will be the BBQ QUEEN guaranteed!!!

There you have it I just put your next outdoor BBQ Menu together for you! Like I said you will be the BBQ Queen, unless that is you are of the male persuasion then you will be the BBQ King.
Looking for some more great summer recipe ideas? Head over to my friend Kim’s new blog Recipes to Run On!
Have a great weekend!
LUV yuh!

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  1. okay now I wish I was at your bbq~! this all looks insanely good! Sloppin good in fact- if your from the south! LOL!

    the coleslaw would have to be my favorite. Hey stop by and see my new olive oil giveaway if you get a chance! it is so awesome!

  2. Your coleslaw sounds awesome, love the spice idea, going to be really good and a nice addition to my summer time bbq'ing. That Hawaiian burger sure looks good, that is a must try too, thanks so much.

  3. Oooh, I love the idea of ginger in coleslaw. Spicy coleslaw sounds like a great improvement over the boring stuff everyone else makes. 😉

  4. Yum, I love coleslaw and never thought of adding ginger to it. Thanks for the idea!

  5. How great is summer food? I LOVE recipes like this. THanks so much for linking up Friend. I hope your summer gets off to a great start!!!! Happy Weekend!!!