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Macaroni and Cheese

That little heart by the name of the recipe means I made it! I wasn’t really planning on making the mac-n-cheese this weekend,but I had all the stuff and Ainslie (my oldest daughter) wanted me to make it. So I caved. It was really easy. The caving AND the making of the mac-n-cheese.

The hardest thing for me is always tempering. You have to temper an egg with the bechemel sauce. This is why I cannot make pudding pies like my mother. Maybe, I need more practice, or patience, or possibly a third arm. My mom can whip up cream pie of any flavor completely from scratch in a moments notice. It is always smooth and creamy. Mine are riddled with scrambled egg. YIKES! I know. Kenny quit asking me to make his favorite butterscotch pie many years ago.

I used half sharp cheddar and half mexican blend. Ree doesn’t specify what kind of cheddar to use, so I used my creative license with the cheese.

I also went out of the guide lines of the project by using shell macaroni instead of elbow. (I know I am a recipe rebel) I didn’t have elbow….it’s almost the same isn’t it? I actually like shell better, I like the way the macaroni holds the sauce in it’s little pocket. OOOh delicious!

Did you notice my spatula? Yes, it came as mysteriously as it left. I opened my drawer and there they were 2 of the 3. One is still MIA.



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  1. Did I tell you how I was trying to find the best home made Mac n Cheese recipe?? I have fallen away from my project and you just reminded me of it!! I made one of Ree's mac n chz recipes as my last one but I think it was called "not your grandma's mac n chz" or something – was super good but this one looks more like what I was looking for!!! Mmmmm, my fav!! Well, one of my favs anyway. 😉

  2. I love real mac n cheese – if only I could convince my daughter that man n chesse does not have to be from a blue box!