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Thursdays ramblings…..on Friday

I was really quite surprised when you actually read, my ramblings last week. And good gracious me O my one of my fave bloggers even read and gave encouragement. Nail biter. I was sure that as soon as I hit “post” that all I was going to hear, until my next post, was chirp….. You’re probably just being nice last week and this week I will hear crickets…chirping , frogs….croaking, and cicadas buzzing….

Take a look at that drawer. What a mess. What does that drawer tell you about me? Besides that I have messy drawers. This unfortunately is not the only messy drawer in my house at the moment. I did however, clean this one out after I took the picture. Crazy the things I found in there. A wood chip? What would possess a wood chip to be hangin out in my kitchen drawer. This drawer is located in the bank of drawers underneath my telephone in the kitchen. You know that area? The area that is a magnet to mess.
But really what does this drawer say about me. Hmmmm
Well I see three hand sanitizers in there. Yes, I am a germaphobe.
Google eye glasses. Um… yes I am a person who on occasion puts on googly glasses. For the record I didn’t buy them, my eight year old won them at church…but I stole them from her. So I guess this drawer says I am a thief and a germaphobe that wears googly eye glasses!
There are three pairs of kid sunglasses in this drawer. Um no clue as to what that means. This is a catch all drawer does it have to mean something?
A bag of chalk. I like hopscotch. With all the snow on the driveway, that won’t be happening unless I draw it out on my basement floor.
It may be hard for you to see but I actually do have organizers. I like order, I just can’t always keep it, and that goes for most areas of my life.
I used to be neurotic about my house. Like psycho clean organized woman. You would have never found a drawer like this in my house ten years ago. I wanted everything in it’s place at all times. But this took alot of time. At some point I realized I was missing out on a lot of life, by being such a control freak about my house. I have gradually over time, little by little, let some things go……well alot of things go. (With prayer and Gods help.) I will say my life is much more fun on so many levels.
Messy Drawer and Muffin Top Mama’s UNITE! Hey, that would make a great T-shirt.
I feel pressure sometimes to be neurotic about my house. Kenny is a neat freak, but he loves me more than messy drawers and has learned to let some things go too. But not the garage….you could eat off the floor most days. It seems like at the first of the year everywhere you look people are talking about “getting organized”. Every magazine is blabbing about it. People are blogging about it. It’s on the morning shows. WHO, honestly, HAS TIME!? To have a Pottery Barnesque house. Everything in it’s place in a cute basket, or in some sort of lovely $75 container. Jeeze Louise.
I am not a hoarder….the three pair of kiddy sunglasses may make you think otherwise. If anything I throw things away or give them away too readily. For example the freezer that I sold for $50 bucks and then regretted selling. Ah it was a chest freezer I wanted a stand up anyway! By the way have you watched that Hoarder show? Hokey Pete! That show makes me sad. I am afraid that my kids might take a turn in that direction, because of me. They are all afraid I’m going to get rid of their stuff, or if they can’t find something for 5 seconds, I’m accused of tossing it. Hey my peeps give me a break…go look in the Goodwill pile, I haven’t gone yet today.
What can you tell me about myself by looking at that drawer….come on bring it on, analyze me Baby.
Have a great weekend and remember….
Mess and Muffins FORevAH!

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  1. LOL to Sue—-I've scanned Gynneth's blog after it was recommended. I've never felt so loserish in my life!
    I'd really love a celebrity to say it how it is: I've given my staff a spreadsheet and they must to these things daily/hourly, etc. or I fire them. End of story.

  2. Please order me a "Messy Drawer and Muffin Top Mama's UNITE!" shirt, love it! The drawer shows me that you are a fun, honest, authentic woman who has her priorities in order. Glad to call you my bloggy friend, I am still waiting to get together for a fun dinner!
    The Park Wife

  3. Egads Sue, just looking at Gwen P makes me feel inadequate, why would I read her blog.Glad you still read mine after you read hers : P

    And yes Erika there will be time in retirement for crisply folded linens!

    Kim, heaven have mercy on your friend.

    Thanks Friends, I love you all so much….was sure i was gonna hear the crickets this week. chirp chirp chirp, croak, bzzzzzzz

  4. So, like you I used to be super organized…. and am so glad I gave up that hyper crazy neat freakness. I still like to keep things tidy…. just don't go opening any drawers bc it isn't pretty behind the scenes. However, this reminds me of a friend who years ago told me that her mother-in-law would come to her home and start opening drawers and cabinets and comment on how disorganized she was. Can you imagine that? Yikes! Have a super weekend!!!

  5. Sheila~
    OK, so you said "bring it on" hugh?!?! I'll tell ya what I see… A great Mama… The sanitizer says you're concerned about your kids health (and yours b/c you have to take care of them when they get sick and you make sure ALL their needs get met even when they're not). Googly glasses to make them (and "Kenny") smile when they need extra help. BUT most of all…someone who is willing to let a few things "go" in order to spend more time loving, pampering, playing with, teasing, and nuturing your family.

    Kids do that to you don't they?!?! With some things I have to let go of kicking & screaming, and others… well, there will be more time when I'm retired to fold towels so all the corners line up nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This post made me laugh out loud. No need to analyse, I reckon at least 99.9% of people have a drawer like that in their houses (maybe not Gwyneth Paltrow-don't read her blog it will make you feel very inadequate!) I have one like it under my microwave right now! Where else can you keep, sellotape,non-working pens,elastic band,expired vouchers,one penny etc etc.
    Definitely a female thing,but you have inspired me,maybe I will clean it out this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚