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I can hardly believe that it has been almost three weeks since my visit to The Pioneer Womans Ranch. If it weren’t for the 1000’s pictures that I have been sorting through (that is all of our pictures….we shared….it’s nice to share) and my P-Dub t-shirt hanging in my closet I might have thought is was all a very fun and awesome dream.
Then I came across my interview notes….from my interview with Charlie…Ree’s basset hound. How could I forget….my one on one with Charlie….aaaahhh.
The girls all wanted me to sit Ree down and do a formal interview, they even shot questions at me on the plane rides there. But somehow, I just felt weird about that. Like who am I any way Diane Sawyer? But secretly…I REALLY wanted to get a exclusive with Charlie. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to stand up for it, but I decided to ask….
What could be the worst thing that could happen?
He could howl at me…sure that could happen.
He could drool all over my flip flops…..I can handle that.
He could just plain turn around and walk right back out the door….or worse yet, run….not sure bassets run much, so that would be a sure rejection.
But Charlie did none of that….in fact when he caught wind that I had my pad and pencil AND there were 8 gals waiting with cameras ready to take his picture, he caught the next Ford F150 up to the Lodge!

“LOOK out comin’ thru, got me an interview with Strawberry CAKE.”

(SC)”Hi Charlie, I’m Sheila. I’m a huge fan of yours. I have a blog kinda like your mama’s, but not really…….anyway…….hmhmmmm…ah yeh, I was hoping to do an interview with you and put it on my blog…would you mind?”

(C)”Weeeelllrrrr…..let me sit a spell and think about it…….”

(C)”ur-UM, sure….I’d luv to…”

(SC)”Really?, OOh Charlie that would be awesome. Thank you , thank you so much”
“Ok question #1. Your mama, well can I just call her Ree? OK, Ree loves movies, do you like to watch movies with her and if yes, what is your favorite movie?”

(C)”hmmm-ur…well yes I love to watch movies from my doggie bed. But what I really love to watch is old music videos. I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson…… I can do the moon walk ya wanna see?”

(SC)”Oh gosh I forgot all about that move, WOW you do a great impersonation of Micheal in Thriller. How old are you? You’re pretty nimble there my friend….” ” Two! you are two years old, you are quite the moon walker. Does Cowboy Josh know you can do that?”

(C)”Oh, sure….he’s the one that show’d me my the moves”
(SC)”Really? Wow, OK, next question, speaking of Cowboy Josh. I have caught wind of some feudin’ going on between Ree and Josh. A custody battle of sorts. What can you tell me about that?”

(C)”Alls I have to say about that is my mama sure is a nice lady, good snuggler too. And we look so ka-yute together don’tcha think? Ah yes that Drummond family they sho is fine people.”

(SC)”OK, so is there a custody battle going on? Does Josh give you bacon bribes?”
(C)”Like I was saying my mama she sho is purdy….”
(SC)”Ok I get it…..sorry I didn’t mean to pry. Oh hey, my good friend Big D and my sweet Seestor would love to have a little photo shoot with you are you up for that? We can take a little break from questions.”
(C)”I would love to oblige them….I am very used to having my picture takin….every day…I feel like I am in NYC walkin’ the catwalk….but nope just purdee Ree gettin’ some new pictures of me for her website. I hear I am quite photogenic. So, yeh sure, take as many as you like.”
(SC)”Charlie you are not the only dog on the Ranch, but you are the most famous. How do the other doggies handle your fame? Is there any jealousy? Are you all close?”
(C) “Famous shmamous….we are all just ranch dogs. I just happen to be gettin’ my picture taken more often….I don’t really think the other dogs are privy to this whole Internet thing. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Besides it’s not like none of us is gettin’ paid for our fame anyway…..although I do eat rather well at times…as do the rest of the pack. Heck..we can NOT complain. We are blessed, we are. I am a blessed basset!”

(C)”This here is my good friend YoYo….she’s a sweety. Mmmhmmm who’s the pretty girl, giving Yo all the cuddles…she is sure is purdee too. I like long red hair…yes I do…”

(C)”Then theres ol’ Hooker. Not sure how she got her name…..um well she is a quite a gal.”
(SC)”I met George but couldn’t get him to hang around long enough to get my camera, are you and George pals”
(C)”George is my best bud, we can finish each other barks….he’s a mighty fine dawg.”
(SC)”Charlie does ranch life ever get boring. Do you long for the fast lane? Life in the “burbs?”

(C)”Huh? What did you say? Burps? No I don’t usually have the burps. Boring? Golly Mam’ one thing ranch life is not is boring. Always something going on around here. Life on the Drummond Ranch is a good life…..yes sir-eee…a good life………”

(C)”Lots a laughs……

always good chow….

sometimes so good, I just stand right up on my tippy toes and dive my schnaut right on in there…good to the last drop, I tell ya, good to the last drop…..”

(SC)”So Charlie, with so much work to do on the ranch you never feel like you are lost in the mix, like you need more attention?”
(C)”HEAVENS! my dear Lady no! Sometimes in fact I just have ladies falling at my side begging for my attention. I just gotta tell, um……sorry not tonight…..I’m ti-erd”

(SC)”Oh, yeh, oops that was my friend Big D. She doesn’t have a dog at home she was gettin her doggie fix, I’m sure. Maybe I asked you this already Charlie…..but….do you realize millions of people every month read about you…..”

(C)”WHA? millions? Did you day millions?

(SC)”Yes, millions. Do you understand millions? I guess you could say it simply…..you are one famous doggie!”
(C)”Famous! Dang! Ree? Ree?……. Oh there you are Ree I have a very serious matter to discuss with you…..I know you want to kiss me and call me shnoockems and all….but Ree, Strawberry CAKE just told me I’m famous. (whisper) what does that mean?”

(R)”Nothing much Charlie…. just that lots of people think you’re cute and lots of people want to have a Charlie of there own…..”
(C)”OK, I guess I can handle being famous”

(SC)”Charlie I really don’t have anymore questions….it has been super getting to know you and hang out with your family at the ranch. Anything you would like to tell your fans?”

(C)”You are most welcome, I have enjoyed all the special attention. You ladies have made me fell like a prince….or I guess famous……
Umm, I would like to tell my fans to….Eat, Drink, and be Charlie…..I don’t know who Merry is, but everyone should be me….Charlie.”
(SC)”Oh, oh Charlie one more question, sorry….I have to ask, of all the yummalicious things Ree makes in her kitchen what is your favorite?”
(C)”Cinnamon Rolls, they are killer!”
(SC)”I hear ya, they are a favorite around our house too! Thanks again Charlie. (hug, hug, scratch, pet, pet, pat on head)
(C)”Don’t mention it, my pleasure ma-am”
Oh gosh that was fun. I had never done an interview with someone (or a dog for that matter), well back in college I had to follow some one around at their job and right a paper about it. That was boring….this was fun and hopefully I will not be graded on this interview. There were alot more questions I could have asked.
Shoulda, coulda , woulda……I did however, get the bug to make Ree’s cinnamon rolls the next morning. And wouldn’t you know it…here comes Charlie. He walked all the way up to the Lodge…across valley and vail. You know bassets they have a powerful sniffer on um!
He just stood at the sliding door until someone let him in. Truth be told we did not give him a cinnamon roll….but he did do alot of sniffing around, then I think all that sniffing and the long walk up got him just plain tuckered out. We couldn’t find him, thought , maybe he had snuck out on us…

But no….Charlie had just made himself nice and comfy with the smell of cinnamon rolls wafting all around….he fell fast asleep.

For hours he slept on the couch, until a masked bandit arrived and snatched him off the couch…right under neath our noses. There one minute gone the next. I think is was that pesky Josh….someone else thought they saw Ree’s oldest daughter.

Who knows….he sure is one cute doggie though.
My heart belongs to Charlie…forever and ever amen.

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  1. Did you express to Charlie my undying love for him? You were supposed to bring him back as my souvenir.

  2. Oh, my! I've been so looking forward to this post! I'm a huge PW fan, just love Ree and the crew, but I have to confess to a major dog crush on Charlie. I'm never happier than when a new Charlie pic pops up on the screen. And I'm so glad to know fame hasn't gone to his sweet furry head ๐Ÿ™‚