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The Worlds Best Cinnamon Rolls!

My family has always made cinnamon rolls, I grew up having freshly baked cinnamon rolls. And I too had baked cinnamon rolls for family and friends. BUT then I stumbled upon these sinnamon rolls on Rees website. She doesn’t call them “sinnamon” rolls, but I do because it’s a SIN how good they are and how blasted easy they are to make. Well, by easy I mean if you like to bake then they are easy. If you don’t really care to bake then they would probably be intimidating.

So today I am baking Sinnamon Rolls along with the Marmalade Muffins. What am I going to do with all of these baked yummy delites? Eat them ALL before my kids get home what do you think! HAH! just kiddin’! I actually get to bring them on down to the Pregnancy Resource Center for their “Meet the PRC” in the morning. They are so sweet down there…..they totally think that I am doing them this service by bringing them their goodies for their meetings, BUT that is not the case at all. They are doing more of a service to me by letting me bring my goodies there!

I go down there most Tuesday mornings and do what ever they ask me to do. Write thank you notes, make phone calls, do filing, BUT mostly I go down there just to be in awe, and hope that some of the amazing of these amazing people rubs off on me! If you don’t know what the PRC is check out their website. Living the truth that people matter to God….that’s what they do….they LOVE everyone that comes through their doors unconditionally.

When I first became familiar with the PRC, I thought that they were just a clinic that was about helping unwed mothers and talking people out of abortions. BUT I was so wrong. They are sooo much more. They first and foremost care about the heart of everyone that walks in their clinic. They want them to know the love of God, and feel cared for. They offer SO many services to the community it really just blows my mind!!!! I can’t say enough about them….we are very blessed to have a organization in our community like this.

Okay thanks for letting me tell you all about my peeps at the PRC. Hey, if you are an early bird you could go to the “Meet the PRC” meeting and sample some of the goodies I made today. I dare ya…in fact if you read this and you go down there and meet the PRC and tell one of them to tell me you were there. I will bake your family cinnamon rolls and deliver them personally, if you are in the Grand Rapids area that is.



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  1. Wish I lived closer! Yummy. Tried the chicken spaghetti. My kids have become way to picky. I loved it! Hubby out of town, I am going to be eating it for every meal for days 🙂

  2. Oh, I so wished I would have read this earlier…I would have loved to show up and have hand delivered baked goods from you.