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Mocha Brownies

I LOVE BROWNIES. I know I have said that I love flowers, but have I told you that I LOVE brownies. I am picky about my brownies, however. I don’t just waste my calories on any ol’ brownie. These of course are fantabulous! I was skeptical about the frosting, but it has coffee in it so, aaah yeh, need I say more?

My first clue that these would be amazingly rich and fudgey was that they had lots of chocolate in them, not just cocoa powder. And the fact that Ree’s direction had me melting the unsweetened chocolate in the microwave…..that I didn’t have to pull out my double boiler was heavenly.

I made a double batch! The recipe called for an 8×8 pan come on Ree honey you know that ain’t enough brownies! Well, and we are going skiing with friends tomorrow so I need to bring some to share! I think these will be the perfect energy food for the slopes!

By the way I had to go get myself some new ski pants today because the ones I have are too SMALL! OH my GOODNESS gracious the Ree project is catching up to my waistline!!!! My jeans still fit, not well but I have not had to go out and buy new yet. I bought me some of those stretchy ski pants good for eating Mocha brownies in.

Thanks to Stephanie below we now have a link to the brownies! Thanks Girlfriend!I really, really wish with all my heart I could give every one of you a copy of this cookbook. It is truly that good!


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  1. I have been wanting to make these! They looks so yummy, maybe this cloudy dreary Michigan February day would be a good day to do so. Hope skiing was fun! Our only weekend we haven't gone in weeks. Went to see Lady Antebellem and Tim McGraw instead. Not a country music fan but loved the concert! Do love Lady Antebellum. Lots of Marlboro Men there!