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Cowgirl Dinner Party

My sweet sister, aren’t we cute in our matching Pioneer Woman T’s. I couldn’t have pulled this dinner off with out her!

My ears are still ringing from all the laughter that was in this house last night. Yowza it was like a giggle concert. Laughter is definitely the BEST medicine for mid-winter in Michigan. That and flowers. Did I tell you I like flowers…..

Enough about flowers already….we GOT a pardeee we need to be talkin’ bout! So my first cowgirls showed up with some cowboys…naughty cowgirls…this was a girls only party.

Now that’s a Cowboy! So I guess we will allow these cowboys…

All the way from NYC the Naked Cowboy! I’m telling you P-Dub Fans know how to have a party!

Lookee here…my guest came bearing not wine but iron skillets! WoooHoooo that’s what I’m talkin’bout!

I didn’t really do much with the “cowboy” theme….for me it was all about the FOOD and the FRIENDS, but I did use these bandanas for napkins…cute huh?

The Sangria is enough to toss your boots off for. You will be Yippee-ki-yaying all night after a few glasses of this stuff!

I stuck to the Cowgirl Dinner Party menu in my “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” cookbook, BUT I also had to add a few other P-Dub specialties, since she didn’t have a salad or appetizers I added some of my favorites of hers.

Starters: P-Dubs Restaurant Style Salsa (make this one, it is awesome!), Guac with chips, and BBQ Jalepena Poppers (I did a variation with bits of pineapple mixed in with the cream cheese…personally I like the original BBQ poppers better.)


This is actually not my photo, it’s Pioneer Womans, but I did make this salad, I just failed to get a picture of it. I could eat this salad everyday. EVERYDAY!

The Burgundy Mushrooms, these babies were the big HIT. I had to slap hands away as I was putting them in the serving bowl. One word YUM!

I had never served Roasted Beef Tenderloin before. I actually went out and invested in a decent meat thermometer for this hunk-0-meat. It turned out fantastic. I followed P-Dubs directions AND of course, it turned out fantastic! Why was I even doubting that it wouldn’t!

Creamy Rosemary Potatoes and the word on these taters, sinful…

Cheesy Olive Bread…I have dreams about this stuff!

Dessert: Creme Brulee with fresh raspberries and blackberries (thank you Costco for the awesome berries!)

Ok, the ladies were licking their ramkins…I have pictures to prove it…

It was FANTASTICAL! Every last morsel. And I give all the credit to P-Dub. I don’t think anyone could mess up one of her recipes she lays it all out for you, what could be easier.

Jacks take on the whole shindig…

Hmmm naked foamboard cowboy in that corner…

Ladies licking ramkins at the table…

There goes the neighborhood…

Smarty cowgirls brought invitations for the next dinner party…even filled them all out for me. I just have to put them in the snailmail, and start cookin’! I can’t wait!


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  1. So wish I lived closer. This looks like a ton of fun!

    I have always made the jalapenos mixing half a packet of dried onion mix with the cream cheese, stuffing and wrapping those hot little things, YUMMY!

    The Park Wife

  2. I must say the cram-bra-lay (as CeCe says) was to DIE for. All of it was awesome! I do love that bread, oh yeah and those taters, and also the salad was "fabulous"! Thanks for all your hard work Sheil, what a fun night!! I'm so glad you love to cook! :}

  3. I so want to be your best friend. You throw the best parties, well at least this one was. What a cute theme, I will have to jot down some notes and host my own. Thanks for the great post. There are some great laughs in there.

  4. Hokey Pete! That dinner was DARN TOOTIN'!! I can't stop thinking about it – mmmmmm, even that big slab of meat which I never thought I'd be drooling over. You kicked A@# sister!! Love you!

  5. Man…where do I start…I have been trying to think up a reason to make all of those recipes! Can't wait for Nick to try those shrooms. So good. And let me just put a shout out for the Creme Brulee…perfect size portion! Love it! Can't wait until the next big "swing ding"!

  6. ummmmm……only MY hands got slapped out of all the hands that were digging in to those yummy yummy mushrooms – but it was worth being yelled at in front of all those people I don't know – I think I would chance it again for those babies! (Carla – you will have to show me your "shroom-sneak" technique. =)) Next time when I am loitering around the UNBELIEVABLE spnach salad, you might want to keep a close eye on! Oh my word that was good! It was all sooooo goooood!
    My stomach and cheeks were sore from laughing! Thank you for all the scrumptious food and fun time. You obviously put your heart and soul into everything you do! YUMMY!!! SANKS!

  7. Seriously….. you promised that would be deleted!!! Wow… how do I even begin to explain how incredibly yummy everything was. Thanks Sheila!!!