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Who of you out there can relate to this scenario?….. You are up on stage, be it at church, in front of the Band Boosters, Bible Study, or on a stage being interviewed by a Psychologist. (The latter would be me.) You are either asked to share, or you feel the sudden need to share…but then as soon as you open your mouth… your mind goes completely blank, your ears start to ring like you just left an AC/DC concert, your arm pits start pouring out sweat like a fire hydrant, and then worst of all your chin starts to quiver your throat drys up and you start to blubber. Well, then of course when you start to blubber your nose starts to run. Does that sound like a person you would want to listen to?

I thought so. So this is my dilemma. I have been asked to share a very small part of our story in front of other people. People that I don’t know, thank goodness, cause for some reason it is much harder to share in front of people I know. Is that weird? Well, I said yes, but now I am FREAKING out a TINY bit.

We have been taking our youngest to neurofeedback therapy….okay hear me out don’t click me off, thinking I am some sort of goofy strawberry chic gone mad-scientist. After very much stress, and many, many tears over learning delays and behavior issues which also caused anxiety in Cece, we found Hope 139. And over the past months have come to see a profound difference in our little gal. She is reading! We cut her fingernails…we hadn’t done that in a million years because she chewed them nervously down to the nubbins. She can do more than one task at a time. By that I mean, if I say “Cees go get your socks on, and brush your teeth.”, for sure she does one of those things if not both. Where as before, we might never see her until we went looking for her and found her playing with a slinky, no where near her bedroom or the bathroom. Our biggest phrase to her is “focus goose”. (For some crazy reason Ken tagged her with the nickname Goose.) There are many other subtle changes in our little gal. All good. We were hoping and praying that we could find some way to help her with out having to use drugs. I realize that this may not be possible for some, but thankfully through Hope 139 we have been able to learn how to “retrain her brain” to work more efficiently. It has changed our lives.

What? How did we find it? People…people that we feel like God definitely put in our life, these people shared their stories about their kids and how neurofeedback changed there life, and encouraged us by sharing to give it a try. We aren’t done yet…we are still working toward her goals. But it has been a great thing for us.

So off an a bunny trail I went….yeh well I am keeping busy today by YOU guessed it baking. Baking lots and lots of stuff….cinnamon rolls, marmalade muffins and monster cookies….crazy I know. I am sharing it all with people though so don’t you worry about me. But just in case you are wondering, I have eatin one muffin and one cookie, the rolls are not done yet….


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  1. Jen, I would love to talk to you if you want. Also they are having another seminar at Meijer Garden next week….it was really very informative. You should try to go. The dates and times are on the website.

    Beth I would know your handwriting anywhere, girlfriend (teehee) thanks for checking me out! see ya soon

  2. That was me, Beth Bouma, who posted the last comment in case you know several Beths. I'm not sure how to not to be anonymous so I'll have to put my first and last name from now on!
    Oh, I think I figured it out…bear with me.

  3. Oh Sheila, I'm hooked! I am just beginning to see why you love the Pioneer Women, this is all brand-spankin new to me. I read back quite a few days and now understand the whole "Nutella" deal. I was inspired to eat a few hazelnuts out of my mixed nuts left over from Christmas. I probably ought not buy a jar of the stuff, I'm looking not to go up a pant size either!
    What a cool opportunity to speak on the success you have had with CeCe! Remember, it's Christ in you that will do the work, you just have to open your mouth and yield it to Jesus!! You're awesome girl!
    Had a read this yesterday, I would have showed up at the PRC…darnit!!

  4. I know you did AWESOME and I know your story, CeCe's story will be inspiring to others. WoW…what a journey!