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the HAMBURGER HUNT continues

Do you remember way, way, …..way back in May when I embarked on my search for the areas best hamburger? Well I did, if you don’t remember or you have come on board since then you can read about it here. I have still been searching. I just keep forgetting to tell you about what I have found. What kind of rotten no good burger eater am I, anyway?

There are alot of burgers to be eaten in West Michigan let me tell you! Sheesh…really one needs to spread it out or one could start looking like Wimpy. That one being me of course. So I still am not going to reveal my fave, because believe it our not I have a couple burgers, that need to be tried before I go off and name the BEST!
In the mean time here is what I found over the Summer…..
Franks is located on Main St. Zeeland, the window reads “Frank’s Best Burgers Around, est. 1924”. I met my good friend Karen there….this was pre-Ranch visit, so we had some business to discuss as well as some burgers to eat. My camera decided not to function so these pictures are taken with my camera on my phone. Thus the weird blur.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake…do I hear an Amen!

Frank’s Special Burger, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and special sauce, with onion rings, and a Coke….do I hear another Amen from my sisters and brothers…Amen!
Frank’s is definitely in the top 5. It has a great small town atmosphere. (Which could be good or bad…when I walked in I felt like I got the “ain’t never seen you in here before” look, but it was probably just my hormones making me think crazy thoughts) I don’t think a thing has changed since 1924. Everything is cooked behind the counter, in a very small space. If you live within 30 miles of this place I suggest you take your kids on a field trip to Zeeland and have yourselves some burgers with fries/onion rings and shakes. It is very affordable and family friendly. Everything is priced under $7 , with specials Monday – Thursday.

This place is in my old stompin’ grounds. When Kenny and I first were married and we lived downtown Grand Rapids, in the residence housing, we ate out alot. I had a stove with two burners that I thought was going to blow the building up every time I turned it on…so we played it safe and ate out. Now that we are old and have four kids, we just don’t head down to “the cottage” like we used to. My favorite is the Bacon Blue Cheese Burger. Any surprises there? Bacon+blue cheese=HEAVENLY.
This night I had the Cottage Burger which also has bacon on it along with green olives, lettuce, tomato, American and Swiss cheeses and hickory mayonnaise all on a rye bun. It was pretty much a killer burger. I also am a fan of the Cottage Fries which are pretty much what most would call home fries, deep fried, and I like to ask for a side of mayo to dip mine in. Oh my….the Heart Center is only a few blocks away on “medical mile” if you feel you are having a coronary after you eat here you can head right over there. Straight shot!
Pete’s in pretty much an institution in Byron Center. Pete’s recently did a major renovation, adding a deck for outdoor dining and well, I was never inside before the redo, but Kenny says that they really made a lot of improvements. I always thought of it as a dingy biker bar, but now it’s very family friendly, and…..the no smoking law in Michigan has made many of these burger joints a breath of fresh air…literally.
Pete’s BURGER ROCKS! I ordered the McPete’s. I think it’s supposed to be their take on the Big Mac. Well step aside Big Mac the McPete is taking the world by storm. Toasted bun, nice thick burger patty, cheese, generous portions of fresh tomato, lettuce, and onion and of course the special sauce, which was finger licking, scrape up the drippings with your fries good!
I would definitely recommend you give Pete’s a try. The menu could be considered “bar food”, but the variety is great at a decent price. Mexican, steak, salads, sandwiches, burgers is nothing priced over $10. They also have a children’s menu.
Wally’s in Saugatuk
I visited Wally’s with my husband and two of my children(the other two were off with friends, just in case you wondered). I did have a burger. I have a picture of that burger. But that is really all I have to say. Sorry Wally. This burger was really not worthy of words. And the service was less than desirable…kids menu? There wasn’t one. Wally’s is more of a night life spot, I would not recommend you rush there with your family. Saugatuck has many other great spots to eat with out wasting calories on a burger at Wally’s.
Otherwise known as the Ottawa Beach Inn, has been a mainstay for 30 years. If you live in West Michigan have gone to the beach in Holland, and you have never stopped at the Ottawa Beach Inn (or OBI to the locals), well then shame on you! I love this place. Nothing fancy. But not shabby either. I have eaten here many times over the years, but never had their famous Mushroom Burger, which my friend Meg told me I must have, and I needed to have it with her. OK Meg, twist my arm. So Kenny and I met up with our friends and they treated us to a sunset cruise on their boat and then we moseyed on over to the OBI for burgers and “stuff”.

I HEART onion rings!

What can I say I have another Top 5. My Mushroom Swiss Burger was fantastic. Covered with Swiss cheese and an abundance of sauteed mushrooms. It was a melt in your mouth burger. And with onions rings and a glass of Chardonnay this gal was happy camper!

Their menu has something for everyone. Steaks, pasta, seafood, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and from 4-6pm you can partake in the early bird specials all $7.99, eight options. Sundays you can get yourselves some delicious BBQ chicken out in the front parking lot. This is perfect for those of us who don’t want to put shoes on and change out of our bathing suits. Just walk right up from the beach and fill your tummy’s on BBQ, and of course there is take out from the regular menu so if BBQ is not your thing no worries.
I hope you give the OBI a try! Next time I go I am going to try the BBQ Western Burger…it has bacon on it!
Look at this little peanut eating her breakfast at lunch. She was one of my lunch friends, but then she off and went to Kindergarten, so now I’m stuck eating lunch with just her mom. (wink)

Wolfgangs was one of the many “burger places” that I was recommend to try. I had been there for breakfast only. Wolfgangs is known for its breakfast. They have fabulous breakfast, all day every day…yummy yummy breakfast. But I was unaware that burgers were something I needed to try there until someone suggested it to me.
OK although my burger was good……Wolfgangs is definitely a breakfast joint. Not a burger joint. Nor are they trying to be a burger joint. They have one burger on the menu, I think just in case some wacko shows up that doesn’t eat breakfast for lunch and feels they need something more in the lunch category.
There was nothing wrong with this burger. It was actually pretty good. Definitely substantial. I did not go away from my lunch date under fed, but I would stick to ordering breakfast at Wolfgangs. That’s their specialty. It’s awesome. The menu is one of the most entertaining menus I have ever laid hands, take a look. With menu items like the Dan Weiskopf= two poached eggs on a toasted bagel layered with asparagus, red peppers, onion, and spinach, topped generously with hollandaise why would anyone in their right mind order a burger here?
I did. I won’t again, because there are to many other amazing choices.
Burger Search Continues…..
I have a few more places in West Michigan to try and report on. Then I will give you a running list of all of them and my top 5. I will then start my search of West Michigan’s best PIZZA. If you have any non-chain family friendly pizza places you think I need to try I would love to hear about them.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Googs is good (Holland) but we still need to make a trip to The Station. I starting to get worried about your cholestrol level…that is alot of burger eating girl! Oh, next Pizza….can't wait!

  2. Hi Nancy! What a small world it is…isn't it? ! So glad you found my site, do come back again soon. Thanks for the Googs recommendation I will have to look it up! Sheila

  3. I found your site through the comments on Bakerella's site. I must say I was rather surprised when I started scrolling down and saw your review of Frank's! I follow about a million blogs but rarely run across anyone from MI! We live in Zeeland and that feeling you had when you walked into Frank's….it wasn't just you 😉 Have you tried Goog's yet? I love their food, but not sure if I've ever had a burger there or not.

  4. Hope you get a Freddy's Frozen Custard in Michigan soon. They have Steakburgers made in Heaven, the best I have every eaten. Mushroom, Swiss Cheese & Onion Steakburger my personal favorite. French Fries are also very good. AND the frozen custard puts all other "ice cream" out of the running. Hope they get to your state soon. They originated in Wichita, KS, just like Pizza Hut began here. You could google them and see who they are.