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It is really pretty crazy….me blogging and now I am twittering too. Less than 18 months ago I didn’t even have a face book account, and when my girlfriend told me I should start a blog, I said “a what?”. Now I have two blogs, a face book and I twitter. And now I have a new computer too…..and I went to the other side and now I am scared. Too much technology, in a short period of time, for a mom of four kiddos and a husband that is goin at mach speed is not a good thing.

I don’t have a clue what this whole Twitter thing is all about. I think my mom told me once I should be cautious regarding things that were not clear. Oh heck no I just saw that cute birdie and thought “aw” I wanna twitter too. I have to admit, though….my main reason for twittering is my visit to the RANCH. I thought I can keep you all updated minute by minute, heck second by second on what I am up during my visit to The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch. Hokey Pete, it will be just like you are all there with me. If you don’t twitter….well then you will just have to keep your eyeballs peeled on my twitter feed on my blog…..bet you can only imagine my twit. It might go something like this.
lstrawberrycake…now we are driving up the road to the ranch, horses in site 8pm
lstrawberrycake…oh my LAND I see the Lodge! 8:30pm
lstrawberrycake…HOKEY smokers there’s Charlie…….is it uncool to hang out the van window and wave at Charlie? 8:35pm
lstrawberrycake…LANDaGOSHEN thars P-Dub and MM on the porch with French Breakfast Puffs waiting to greet us! 8:40pm
OK so you can kinda see how this might play out on my twitter.
I don’t quite get the etiquette of Twitter yet….remember I dove in where I should have been cautious and now I am splashing around a bit. If someone twits me do I tweet them? Or if I twit them will they tweet me. And is there such thing as twatting someone? That sounds sort of naughty maybe I should definitely not twat anyone.
Oh yeah on me going to the other side….I meant I switched from PC to Mac. Oh, I got me alot to learn. I have a feeling I may be opening up my old laptop SOON, it’s so familiar and easy to copy and paste. GOODness how do I copy and paste on a Mac. Don’t you Mackies copy paste. Oh I need to make me an appointment, right soon, for a “make peace with your Mac” session. My Mac sure looks cool, though.
Everything new freaks me out. If I had hours or days to figure it all out that would be one thing. But I definitely DO NOT. I have yard work up the wazoo. Four kids in sports and music. Did I say laundry? I didn’t? OK then I have LAUNDRY, tons of it. And tomorrow is my dads 70 th birthday and I have no present and I need to go grocery shopping to make him dinner. And my van needs an oil change. And my dog needs brushing…….windows need to be cleaned…… Sound familiar? I sure it does……. we are all freakin crazy busy.
So this is why I am clueless….I have no time to know what I am doing for the most part I just jump in blogging and twittering and trying to figure out this blasted new computer. Ugh!
If you see me around and I look a little bleary eyed…now you know why. I probably got a blogger thrown at me by a Twat and it hit me right in my Mac! YIKES!
: P!

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  1. Hi Sheila,

    It's your "Tweet", not your 'Twit' – lol! When you are a Twitterer, you are actually Tweeting. Go figure… (Loving your blog).

  2. I always wondered what those cute little blue birds where! I know that you are a quick learn and you will catch on right away.