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Simple, Perfect Enchiladas

Stay tuned tonight it’s Simple, Perfect Enchiladas, Pica De Gallo, and Guac. My sister and her husband are joining us. Should have some great pictures! There are lots of onions in this meal, the night could get interesting as it progresses….

So if you checked earlier and I hadn’t posted yet, sorry. Pioneer Woman, I am NOT. I cannot cook, post, home school, photograph, feed the cattle, and entertain all at the same time. It’s not in my genes.

Ken (my better half), and my sisters husband Eric (we like to call him Skidder) solving the worlds problems over chips and pica de gallo! Between the emergency room and the world of marketing they got it all wrapped up!


Meat browning with onions.

Me beginning the enchilada assembly line, while my beautiful seestor plays photo journalist.

There they are, little stinkers. They took a bit of patients, with the steps, but they were worth it. I hope you are not disappointed that I am not giving you the whole recipe tonight. I just wanted to show you that I indeed DID make P-Dubs enchiladas and her guacamole and her pica de gallo. That is three recipes in one night! Two of which were cinchy. Anyway, I am hoping this will make you really want to win that cookbook, that personally signed by Ree Drummund cookbook!

My kiddos gave it a 80% or a 3/4 thumbs up. No hard feelings Ree. They are very partial to Little Mexico’s enchiladas. So any Mexican fare that is made in this house has to always be compared to their favorite Mexican restaurant. If you come to Grand Rapids on your next book tour, the Johnson’s will take you there.


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  1. Can I have your stove? And your enchiladas? My better half (or Grizzly Adams as I call him now) does not do cheese. Makes for boring Mexican food, if you ask me.

  2. What is on Uncle Eric's forehead? A bandaid? Have those two been hotair ballooning again?

    Hey, how about a fancy name for Ken, instead of my better half, like Ree's Marlboro man. Let's think up something for him!

    OK…now off to fulfill my mexi craving…looks so yum! Thanks!

  3. Nice work! Love that stove! Nice new photo of you with her! You look elated. Trying the chicken spaghetti tomorrow night.