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Winter in Michigan….I get feeling a little loopy! I NEED some color.

Flowers always help.

Thank the Lord above for the new fallen snow, with out fresh snow it’s just GREY, February in Michigan, BLAH! That’s how most of us feel BLAH! I found some color! I hope it brightens your day!
Unless you are somewhere sunny, lush, and green, then get OFF your computer you ding-a-ling and get outside…..

AAhh…cilantro smells so fresh and looks so beautiful…

Berries….my kids gauge each others eyes out for these things! I know…CRAZY for berries in this house!

SNNIIIFFFF…HHmmmmm can’t you just smell the freshness…

I’m thinking beach…this is cinnamon sugar, but it makes me think of sand and the awesome Lake Michigan beach in the summer……”Calgon take me away….”.

No words can describe………

Color always bring a smile to my face and washes the grey away!


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  1. those rasperries inspired me for last nights dinner…unfortunately Costco didn't have anymore…just black berries! Oh, well.

  2. ok…. that avacado is a beauty! how do you go about picking a good one.. sometimes i get bruied ones,too smushy,to stringy or just not ready yet. i get so frustrated when i work sooooo hard feeling, smelling and looking like a complete fool in the store, and then to cut it open an it is not a very pretty one. 🙂 BTW i need some color too! i am so pale. i almost look sick.