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Meaty Lasagna

I made P-Dubs lasagna! You know what, it was very similar to the one my mom has always made, and that I loved as a kid. Instead of ricotta, she uses a cottage cheese, egg, and herb blend. Not sure why I ever stopped making that recipe. Maybe I thought I would get all fancy and use ricotta. Or maybe I just like to eat spoonfuls of ricotta cheese while I make my lasagna. Well, whatever the reason, I think I will go back to my old ways….because this lasagna ROCKED!

Cottage cheese mixture is easy to whip together.

This is recipe is full of MEAT….it will definitely put put some hair on your chest. And she uses whole canned tomatos and lots of tomato paste, makes for a very hearty thick sauce….like I said some hair on your chest!

WOW! Look at that don’t I just have it all together there. My lasagna assemble line.

Yyyyeh…..not really. If you look at the dish I started to assemble my lasagna in and the one it ended up in are two different dishes. The first one was not quite big enough. Dag-nab-it! I did my very impressive lasagna flip trick! It’s really very easy…but please don’t try it at home. It could result in massive amounts of meaty red sauce all over your kitchen.

So there you have it another heart in my cookbook, another recipe devoured by my family and my mother-n-law too! Everyone gave it a thumbs up!


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  1. Hi, I'm new to Pioneer Woman. My friend has her cookbook, and I borrowed it to make Iny's Prune Cake. My nanna use to make it for me, but she didn't tell me about the prunes until much later. I know what you are thinking..prunes, yuck! But let me tell you, the cake was amazing, just like nanna's. My hubby thought it was delicious, even after I told him about the prunes, and my picky eater of a son, ate several pieces, but I didn't tell him about the prunes. That will be my secret for now, just like nanna. I hope you try her recipe for this cake, it is moist and extremelly delicious.

  2. This looks so yummy, we are expecting not so nice weather by the end of the week and this would be a GREAT meal to curl up with on a cold night!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love Pioneer Woman, and I am a collector of signed books! I made this lasagna about a week ago for a church function, and it was quite the hit…..since then I have so many more friends who are in love with PW. By the way, I made her Asian Noodle Salad tonight—>fantastic!

  4. I need to make this soon…looks delicious! I am trying her Chili recipe for tonight…cook on sister, cook on!

  5. Isnt that olive bread to DIE for Holy MOly, I have dreams about that stuff, I love OLIVEs! Thanks for the encouragement about the photography, I was being hard on myself cause I thought the lasagna was too centered on the plate…
    glad you are both cooking MORE! LUVya!

  6. Sheila, nice photography! Starting to look like Ree's. Looks good enough to eat! I made PW's olive bread last night and WOW was that yummy! Thanks for the inspiration to cook more. Robin