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Little Mexico, we’ve missed you!

I hope you all have a restaurant somewhere you can call home. That place you can go and just feel comfy. Where you know exactly what you are gonna order, don’t even have to look at the menu. Now I like to try new places, but I also like to go somewhere that I don’t have to think. Especially when I am with my kids.

My “home” restaurant is Little Mexico, they serve Mexican food…..uh-duh. September 8, 2008 my cousin Caryn’s birthday! Sorry Caryn I am hoping that this was not some sort of “sign” for you. (Because this is also Caryn’s favorite place!) The Joint burned down!!!!! Yes, Caryn was even supposed to eat there for her birthday dinner. And they had an electrical fire and burned to the ground! My heart is heavy just writing about it, especially because my poor cousin Caryn had to eat at the Kopper Top instead…YIKES!

So short story LONG, we have been with out our beloved restaurant for 18 long months!! But, yes I said but. They reopened yesterday after many annoying delays, and a stalker number of drive bys from ME! My kids wanted me to take them out of school yesterday so we could be one of the first to be there when they opened. I didn’t……which now I am regretting and probably will till the day I die.

Now I know that you probably have your favorite Mexican restaurant…but you know what? I don’t want to know about it! Sorry. I have tried many in the last 18 months believe me and none quite have done it for me. So today I am doing the #13 dance of JOY, because tomorrow I will be ordering my #13 dinner, enchiladas with poblano sauce. 2DIE4! Please tell me they didn’t change the menu….

If you are in the Grand Rapids, Mi area and you have never checked out Little Mexico, give it a try. And if you don’t live in my neck of the woods, then I hope you enjoyed my lil’ story about MY restaurant reopening! Hopefully you have a Little Mexico in your life!

Little Mexico
401 Stocking Ave NW
Grand Rapids Mi


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  1. Just one small correction…Caryn's b-day is the 7th. LOL! 😉 I have actually been craving LM even more since we were there SAturday! What's up with that?! Mmmmmm…..

  2. Never even heard of it but I didn't move here until about 18 months ago. Some one just asked me for a Mexican restaurant recommendation so now I have one to pass on. And if it is horrible I can blame you, HA!