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A few years back we took a family vacation to Shenandoah National Park. We were driving along Skyline Drive that took us along the top of the mountain ridge. The views were spectacular. The weather was misty and rainy. The misty weather just added to the mystery of the mountains and made everything seem almost like we were driving through a rain forest. Apparently I must have been saying spectacular a lot. Ooohing and aaahhing at the scenery. (This annoys my kids, when I oooh and aah) Finally, our Luke, said “hmmm speck-a-tack-a-lar-lar”. What a goof he wasn’t even looking out the window. I wonder do our kids appreciate this beautiful country we live in?

Last summer same thing as we were on our trip I was trying to peal the kids eyes away from their books and make them look out the window. We were driving this time through Utah. Which if any of you have driven through the south east corner of Utah you know it is spectacular. Ainslie, my oldest daughter, said to me, “mom if you’ve seen one red rock you’ve seen them all”. OH MY goodness gracious child! I am really hoping when they walk through heavens doors someday they are in awe finally of that! Heaven-shmeaven…”seen one gold paved road you’ve seen um all”.

A couple days ago we took a drive, not a long one mind you, half hour from our house to the spectacular Lake Michigan. Which if you have never been. Please come. It is truly spectacular in every season.


Master Spectacular himself…..precious!

This picture was taken as I was standing about 50 yards out on the ice. Then there is wall of ice that is a sharp drop off of about 10 feet. Real safe place to walk with your children! The ER Doc husband was back in the car (with the teenager who didn’t dress warm enough) at the ready to call 911.

My middle kiddos walking on a sea of snowballs


Flippin’, crazy, icey Bbrrrah!

Lake Michigan is spectacular, like I said, in every season, but I will take this one!


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  1. Jen have you ever gone north to say Charlevoix the water their on Lk Mi. is like being in the Carribean….I promise it would not skeeve you out…well I one can only hope ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I can't swim in Lake Michigan — it skeeves me out. So being close to a lake is useless for me. The frozen water pictures are pretty though.

  3. Oh, I recognize that middle girl in the summer picture. Great photos! I now have to make it a point to get out there and check out the frozen tundra!

  4. I do, we live on the North West end of Spring Lake! We love it here. After growing up in North Muskegon, then moving to K-zoo for college and to Chicago and then back to K-zoo. I so missed the water. It is nice to be back close to the water. But you are right, we take it for granted :-). Happy blogging!

  5. You live 5 minutes from Lk Mi.???? I am jealous. We lived in Musk. for 5 years and I know it is easy to take it for granted until you move away….then you really miss it! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for reading, your comments make me SMILE!

  6. Thank you for that Sheila as I live 5 minutes from Lake Michigan and I just saw it in a totally different light :). Sometimes it takes some else to make you smell the roses in your own backyard.