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I have put out a few hints that change is a comin’. Yesterday I put out a larger hint, when I shared, on Facebook, a photo shoot that took place in my kitchen on Wednesday. Eventually Strawberry Cake will be no more. Sigh. Snort Sniff.

Tap tap tap…hello are you still there? Phwew…Ok good. I will try not to bore you to tears, with all the gory details of the whole thought process of this change.
I will say that I have felt restless in my Strawberry CAKE shoes. Is this who I am? Is this the direction I want to take. I do love me some Strawberry CAKE…and strawberries in general for that matter. But does Strawberry CAKE say who I am, what I’m about? Not really, unless you really read between the crumbs.
For now, until I launch the new website, it will be Strawberry CAKE as usual. We are hoping that all my content from this blog will transfer seamlessly into the new one. It may be a while, we are having a minor glitch with the name! But I trust it will all work out for the best….that’s me trying to be Sunshiney and not Debbie Downery.

Thank you so much for reading Strawberry CAKE, I hope and pray you all follow me, LITERALLY!, into this new adventure. So for now KEEP READING, I have lots of recipes and giveaways in my apron pockets!


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  1. Sheila, I'm excited to see what God has next for you! Will keep reading! And I too, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE puppy chow! I take that big ol bowl you have and put the lid on it and shake gently to mix the powdered sugar all around. And…. I am an oohey, sappy person and think its so sweet you call your hubby "lover"!!! Have a great Saturday!