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It’s been over two months since I was blessed with the opportunity to stay at The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch, with eight beautiful, funny, smart, hungry woman. We had so much fun….that I just can’t stop blogging about it. Actually, this will be the last in my series of writing about this trip. P-Dub did make comment recently that she is writing another cookbook…OH brother, I’m gonna hafta start working out more, just in case I decide to cook through it.

If you remember we were able to request what we wanted to eat…the first night with Ree was the Cowgirl Dinner Party AAAND the second was Mexican. Whatever Ree wanted to fix us. We just wanted Mexicali food! P-Dub showed up with lots of goodies and we all pitched in and started cooking!
Big D chopping up cilantro for quesadillas, Greek Guacamole, and all kinds of other delectable treats for our taste buds. You don’t like cilantro? Oh I am so sorry…I hear it’s not on the top of the herb favorites for people, but it seemed to be a favorite of the ten of us.
Hey like our shirts? We had to wash them, cause they got a little sweaty on the ride in….(well mine did anyway). Ree wanted us to put them back on for the last night so she could do a photo shoot…still hopin we end up on that blog thing of hers that nobody reads.

That there is a heap O flour tor-till-OZ!

We requested two Tres Leches Cakes….well because one just didn’t seem like enough. But unfortunately our eyes and dreams were bigger than our stomachs…we had lots of cake left over. I am sure the cowboys ate it up! Oh it sure was good though. If you have never made a Tres Leches Cake, you MUST. Trust me, it is life changing.

By the third night together, we were like old college room mates. Very comfortable with each other. Laughing and eating and double dipping. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Hyacinth and Ree where yucking it up here over their cake.

This is my favorite picture of the whole entire weekend! Ree Drummond taking a picture of MY guacamole! The Top Dog, the Queen, the bestest ever food blogger was photographing my guacamole. AND and and after she ate it….she said it was”life changing”!

BOINK, slam, bam, OUCH dang….oooh hey I am back. Just writing it makes me pass out, fell clean off my office chair!
Hokey Pete! Earlier in the week end me, my seestor and Big D had gone for a walk….we saw some Horseys….we were delirious from the heat and thought the horseys were going to charge us so we pulled a Charlies Angel on them. (minus me cause I was taking the picture.)

Yeh…we’re nutty. And the horseys were down there they were just really far away…but trust me they looked like they might charge us.

But since we are wild and crazy and adventurous, deliriously over heated women, we decided to march on and get a closer look.

There they are, the horsey version of Charlies Angels.

Well, Hello there…we come in peace…we from Michigan..we think you purdy…we only want good picture…

OH please don’t run. Where are you going? We like you………

They took off running from us…we had gotten quite close to them on the road. They ran way out away from us, then they came back toward us again….we were like OH MY. Thought maybe they were tricking us by acting as if they were running away, BUT then coming back toward us. But then the just stopped and snorted and whinnied, and shook their beautiful hairs. They were looking us up and down. We stood there to for a few minutes, wondering if we were completely stupid, for getting so close. We had asked about the cattle being dangerous but not the wild horses. Were we about to be front page news in the Pawhuska paper? They eventually turned and walked away. I am sure we were quite boring to them. Three shortish dark haired girls from Michigan….they are used to long tall Ree and her flowing mane of auburn taking pictures of them.

The last night before our Mexican Feast, Ree was kind enough to load me, my seestor and Karen into her truck and take us out FOUR WHEELIN‘, so we could get up close and personal with the horseys.

We went off Road.

“Well hello Ree, I see you have the three dorks from the other morning in your truck….you lost your marbles woman? Do you know they pulled a Charlies Angel on us? They are kookookachoo. If I were you, I would drive them ladies straight to the Tulsa airport.”

We were rammin‘ around them in Ree’s truck. The horses did not seem too scared at all. Ree was spinning us in circles, honking her horn, and banging her hand on the steering wheel like a wild woman. Hey whatever it takes right? They started moving….that’s what we wanted. We wanted some action shots.

It was a blast. I felt like I was back in high school in my best friends pick up truck tearing up someones front yard. Did I just say that? I never did anything like that. Really truly. I may have thrown a pumpkin or two…hhhmm hhmm…let s just get back to the matter at hand.
Beautiful Horseys….
Aren’t they stunning? Takes my breath away

That’s all.

The End.

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  1. I want to go back…what a great start to the PERFECT summer. Thanks for the memory and letting me relive it one more time.