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sorry…one LAST thing

I promise this is IT there ain’t no more. I had somebody say to me the other day…”your blog is kinda all about the Pioneer Woman, isn’t it?”……I like to think it’s more about what I enjoy: encouraging others (hopefully), sharing my FOOD, and sharing my life experiences, which Ree Drummund fortunately has become part of. So I write about it. I hope I haven’t bored you, or annoyed anyone by writing so much about this trip or P-Dub. I might write about her more, but for now this is it…and well, this really isn’t anything about the Pioneer Woman herself anyway…it’s just something I observed while at the Ranch and I thought you and any inquisitive minds in your home might want to see it.

It just so happens when I was visiting her that I saw for the first time, laid out before me, (and now you) the purpose of the Fly, and I thought I would share it with you.

POOP! Yes this is what you think it is. It is horse SH_ _. We took a few walks and it is everywhere on the ranch roads. I told you I wanted it to be just like you all were with me…I didn’t want to leave anything out.

I just found it very interesting…..the decomposition of horse poop, manure, dung, whatev you wanna call it. My kids are always asking me “why this, why that”…why did God make flies. I have always told them…because they eat poop, and something needs to get rid of the poop. I can always see their brains a-churnin like who’s poop. There isn’t any poop laying around here.

Look close you can see the flies…lots of them.

So because my kiddos, ask…and maybe yours do too. I had to take a picture of the natural progression of manure decomposing with the help of the good Ol Fly. This poo however had some help from Marlboro Mans truck tire.

Busy, busy these Oklahoma ranch flies…they are breakin’ it da-own.

And there it is the final poo. Almost gone…just waiting for a truck to drive over it and mix it all in with the dirt, a good hard rain, or a good Ol wind to whip up and blow it away.

All done.
Good-bye horsey doo doo.
Thank you flies. We are grateful to you all. Now that we see what hard work you do.
Thank a fly today!

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  1. Sheila, You crack me up! Only you would write about poo. maybe you hear about it a lot as the wife of an ER doc. I know that we talk about a lot of gross stories at the dinner table and never think a thing of it. Keep talking girl. You are great.

  2. This is for sure in my top 5 favorite posts – LOL, does that make me sick? Kind of makes flies seem endearing, they are doing us all a favor. Awwww, good leeetle flies.

  3. This is exactly why you don't eat food that a FLY lands on or food off he ground…you never know what might have been on the ground right before your apple fell!

  4. Sorry to disappoint…this will be the last pictures I ever ever post of POO, promise! I just couldnt resist…I am a wacko.

  5. You would have laughed. When I first saw the very top picture of this post, I thought it was some chocolate chunks chopped up for a brownie or cookie. Imagine my sadness when I found out those chocolate chunks were poop! :).