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Meatloaf and other meaty things…..

I think I am going to have a meat hangover after this meal. Wow bacon wrapped meatloaf! Otherwise known as MEATLOAF in P-Dubs house. I have never wrapped meatloaf in bacon before this. It was quite enjoyable. I need to tell you that I love bacon yes, I love it! I love to smell it. Like a good cup of coffee when you just breath in deep through your nose and and close your eyes and grin, oooh bacon. My sister-n-law doesn’t cook the stuff because she says it “stinks” up her house. Pa-SHAW woman! That is called aroma, and “the best part of waking up, is bacon on your plate.” (I’m singing that to the Folgers commercial tune, if you haven’t already started singing along.)

So here you have all the ingredients that I gathered, minus the Parmesan cheese, I forgot to get her in the shot she was snippy with me all day after that.

Here I am with my food prep gloves, because squishing raw meat between my fingers sicks me out!

The “finished” product. Now this is what I call an epic disaster. Kids are starving, dinner is running late take the meatloaf out and it’s STILL not done. Me being the patient person that I am, kick the oven temp up to 450 and stick that baby back in there…then forget about it. OH MY Garbanzo beans! The meatloaf now it’s charred, and hacked up. Beautiful…

This was my plate of food.  Doesn’t look that appetizing but it really was yummy. I gave this one a thumbs up my girls loved it too. My boys are pains lately, so we won’t count them!

The boys are tired of this Pioneer Woman challenge that I am subjecting the family too. They are calling sweet Ree, P-Devil instead of P-Dub. I am so sorry Ree. I hope you don’t decide to read my blog on this post where my boys are trashing your reputation.

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  1. P-Devil compliments of Noah and Luke….. priceless! I can so relate… with Alex and Ryan not always liking what I make for dinner. Although, maybe I should try the meatloaf — Alex LOVES bacon! Thanks for the smiles and giggles today!

  2. Oh Bacon…. my secret (ok not so secret) love. I love the smell. That smell which can break the concentration of even teenage boys who've disappeared into video game land. I love to cook it in massive quantities. I freeze what my family does not scarf down as it's cooked. Then, when I am craving a BLT or simply a few strips of that heaven in the middle of the night I go to the freezer and nuke them for a few seconds…. Nothing in the world like bacon at midnight!!! Really, you MUST try it!!

    Like you, I'd never in a million years thought to cover a meatloaf in bacon…. but now I'm finding I can't tear my eyes away from the picture. Took me 15 minutes to post this comment because I had to keep going back & looking at the pictures you took.

  3. I so had to laugh at this post. This sounds so much like how some of my meals go (been there done that with the half baked meatloaf), and what my kids might say. At least your spirits are still high. Poor Ree, we moms, still love ya!

  4. Meets, I do think the mystery lady is Sheila! You sneaky girl you! Sheila, I did the same thing! Foil in both spots, you are way smarter than me though, poking holes in it! The meat did squish through a bit the second time around a bit but way less grease and cooked way better, thinking it didn't get enough heat to it from the bottom. Would love to do lunch:).

  5. Is Anonymous you Sheila?

    Bacon, cream, butter…the things that make the world go around! Thanks for sharing even when it isn't your prettiest creation.

  6. Hey Robin, How are you lady…we need to do lunch sometime :D! Is that why it didnt get done? I acutually put tin foil on bottom of pan too, and then I was afraid that the meat was going to squish through so I put more on the rack and poked some holes in it….Too much tin foil! Thanks for solving my uncooked meatloaf mystery!

  7. Love it! My hubby calls her P-Diddy. FYI, it works better to put the foil under the broiler pan so the grease can drip through and the meat won't sit in the grease from all that bacon :). I figured that out after my first try! That is why it didn't cook in time! Been there done that. It worked so much better the next time. I kept looking to see where Ree had hers on the photo! I love bacon too. Did you try the Bourbon Bacon Popcorn at the One of Kind Show?