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I love this name. It reminds me of the children’s book by Kevin Henkes, Chrysanthemum. I think we have been through 2 copies of that book. I like names you don’t hear everyday…

I will never forget the day my oldest daughter, Ainslie, was born. I had that name picked out since I was a teenager…thought I had the unusual name award in the bag!

Well, my bouncing baby girl was born, I named her. AND an hour or so later in walks my nurse…”you won’t believe this” she says, “the lady two doors down just named her daughter Ainslie!” WHAT the…… True story.

Hyacinth is the name of P-dubs friend. Hyacinth makes a guest appearance in The Pioneer Women cooks with her recipe Huevos Hyacinth. Which is aMAAAZING! I tried to come up with a little song like my Migas song, but everything fell flat….but it was definitely song worthy.

I put goat cheese on top of mine…my girls opted for Monterey Jack cheese. OOOOh I do like me some goat cheese! I can’t wait to make this recipe for guest. It looks so fancy, but it is quite simple.

I am not sure how I made Breakfast Potatoes pre cast iron skillet. This made the best breakfast taters I have every made! Well, the bacon fat might have had something to do with that too!

Then my oldest daughter rassled me, and made me make P-dubs French Breakfast Puffs. Land-A-Goshen…I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I have made this recipe since I bought this cookbook.

It’s sick really.

I have eaten three today. As I write I can see the plate with them on it….oh Lord help me. I think I just heard them calling my name….”Sheeela”

“Yuuhooo, vee are ovar heeere, jus vaiting for Yu. Vee nou Yu like zee leetle French Poofs, Vee nou Yu cannout rezeest oos…..”

STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE you leetle poofs.

Ree I think you could sell this recipe as a stand alone…they are that good! I am sure it has nothing to do with the dunking them in butter or anything!

LEAVE ME A COMMENT TODAY AND I WILL GIVE YOU 3 ENTRIES in my Pionneer Woman Cooks, cookbook GIVEAWAY (for the 3 puffs I ate). Let me know you linked me to your Facebook, and I will give you 5! Come on people times a wastin’!

Luv Ya!


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  1. I finally signed up to your blog. Had a few minutes tonight – you are so funny Sheila. Your food looks fabulous. I will keep reading…..happy baking, cooking and eating.

  2. Those French Breakfast Puffs look sooooo GGGGOOOOODDDD. I was thinking that I should make so of them too. Do you think that I would be able to eat them all before my husband gets home from work??? Lucky for me he works late to night. Lucky for him I probably would not be able to eat them all but I might try. Panda 1997

  3. Can't say I blame you for eating 3 of those puffs — they look DElicious:) I told Sara about your blog and she got on it and read your other projects blog and thought it was so funny!! I am going to have to try some of these recipes.

  4. These pictures are making me so Hungry!!! Cooking through books is so much fun. I think I must add Ree's book to my "need" list! THANK YOU!

  5. Hi Shelia,

    I was sent to your blog by your friend Demetria. She left a comment on my blog. What a great thing your doing by working your way thru PW's cookbook. I have been eyeing the Breakfast Puffs since I got her cookbook. I may just have to make them this weekend.
    Great to meet you and I look forward to more.

  6. Nice blog! I see you are in my neck of the woods. I agree that the cinnamon rolls from Real Food Cafe are to die for! I am going to make those French Breakfast Puffs this weekend. YUM!!!

  7. I just got the PW cookbook for my friend. She loves it. I would love to win a copy for myself. I love reading about your cooking. I can't find you on FB.

  8. I so want the recipe for the "leetle poofs"! I wonder if they will call my name too?! They look scrumpdilicious!!! Love reading about your adventures! I need to look for PDubs entry! How exciting!!!

  9. I really need a copy of that cookbook – If I dont win i will just have to go an buy it 🙂 Linked to FB!

  10. Nick came home raving about his fabulous dinner, so I had to hop on your blog and view it for myself – it did look super yummy! Thanks again! -Jill

  11. Once again everything looks sooooo good!!I can't believe you stopped at three of those muffins. They are amazing.

  12. I was with ya till the goat cheese! I am with your girls! I hate goat cheese, I have a passion for all cheese, but can't eat goat cheese! Sorry goats. Looks so good though, but those french thingies I have been trying not to make, for the fact that I would be eating them all as well! Happy cooking. I will post you on FB!

  13. I have wondered about this recipe…good, eh? How about for getting people signed in as followers? I think that is worth some extra entry into this contest, eh?

  14. I have been contemplating those breakfast puffs since I got the cookbook. Sure do look yummy. If only I hadn't run out of coffee – I'd have the perfect accompaniment.