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Heartburn is what I have after making the Pioneer Woman’s Hot Artichoke Dip, PW’s Potato Skins, AND the BBQ Jalapeno Poppers! What the HECK was I thinking. I am wearing stretchy pants at the moment. Trying to take pressure off my gut pushing into my lungs, by letting it all hang out in my yoga’s. (I never, ever have done yoga in these pants, isn’t that hilarious…) What possessed me to make all of these in one night you ask?….

Well, I was asked to come over to my long time partner in crimes house, Cindy, to help with sending out invites to a Wine Tasting/Fundraising event she is having for Faith House. Of course I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get closer to my goal of cooking my way through P-Dubs book. Also, Cindy, her sister-n-law Jodi and I just don’t get together with out something good to eat! No way, NO how, sister…

So the BBQ Jalapeno Poppers- verdict:FLIPPING amazing!

I advise wearing plastic gloves such as these when you are cutting up massive amounts of jalapenos and seeding them.

Then you stuff these babies with cream cheese, and cheddar cheese and green onion…what could be better.

Then you wrap these babies in bacon, and brush bbq sauce on them and bake them for 1 hr at 275. My oven needed to be hotter, I think. I had to bake them longer to get them crispy. Heaven, I’m in heaven…..these things are seriously yummy! Ree suggests that you can freeze them after you bake them then take them out and reheat for later. I am trying that one out….I love things you can prepare ahead of time and just reheat. She also gave the suggestion of taking two poppers and putting them on a burger! Do you hear the angels singing….I wasn’t able to get it off my mind. I think I am going to be hauling our grill out REAL soon!

Artichoke Dip-verdict: the best any of us have ever had..EVER had! Now if you know Cindy, Jodi and I this is one big statement. Between the three of us, I’d dare to say we have put away semi loads of artichoke dip….okay maybe buckets full.

Now you see it…

Now you don’t! (don’t worry we had help)

PW’s Potato Skins-verdict: scrumptious. My kids love these things. It was actually what they had for dinner. No judging…starch, dairy, meat, and green stuff=balanced meal!

The potato skins take a bit of prep, with the baking and scooping and brushing and salting and baking again, then flipping and baking again, then filling and baking again, oh yeah frying of bacon, and then dressing them up with green onion and sour cream….but they are every bit worth it.



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  1. We never have been able to get together without having something good to eat have we?? Something good to eat and a big ol' pot of that strong coffee you mentioned! These jalepeno poppers really are AWESOME and honestly the artichoke dip is THE best I've ever had. I think I ate half that dish Sheil.

  2. Made the potato skins for game night this weekend and they are everything you said they were. My kiddos loved them and now they want them every Sunday night! Loved the balanced meal comment!